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Concord Hospital HistoryConcord Repatriation General Hospital (CRGH or Concord Hospital) is proud of its healthcare service excellence and leadership in clinical care. Concord Hospital is part of a network of hospitals and healthcare services within Sydney Local Health District. Since its establishment as the 113th Australian General Hospital in 1941, Concord has built on its strengths of providing quality health services to returned servicemen and women and local communities, as well as undertaking world class clinical education and research.

Our mission

Concord Repatriation General Hospital has a well-earned reputation for excellence in healthcare for almost 80 years. Building on its proud heritage of caring for the veteran community, the hospital now services the local communities of Concord, Strathfield, Burwood and beyond.

The hospital has received consecutive years of accreditation from the Australian Council on Health Care Standards, and consecutive Accreditation Awards from the Postgraduate Medical Council of NSW for the exemplary training of postgraduate doctors.

Concord Hospital HistoryAs a 750 bed teaching hospital of the University of Sydney, Concord offers a comprehensive range of specialty and sub-specialty services, many of which are recognised nationally and internationally as centres of excellence. Some of these include: burns, colorectal surgery, laparoscopic surgery, molecular biology and genetic laboratory, aged and extended care, gastroenterology and palliative care.

Concord Hospital is committed to ensuring the community has equitable access to high patient quality patient-centred care that is timely, evidence-based, culturally appropriate and efficient. The hospital provides this care in partnership with highly skilled and committed staff who are supported by leading edge research, education and technologies.

The hospital is also committed to the healthcare of populations in other local health districts, states and territories across Australia and other countries through research, education and the provision of tertiary and quaternary referral services.

Concord Hospital is one of the premier teaching hospitals in NSW, providing secondary, tertiary and quaternary level services to patients and their families from across Sydney, NSW and Australia. Concord Hospital also provides a specialised state-wide burns service.

Concord as a university teaching hospital

Concord Hospital HistoryExemplary patient care is the underlying theme behind a university teaching hospital. It is also a place where learning to be a good doctor, nurse or other medical professional occurs. One of the most valuable parts of the Sydney Medical Program is the opportunity for students to learn medicine "at the bedside". This involves interacting with patients and observing their full range of emotional and physical experiences.

University teaching hospitals attract the most talented medical professionals as they offer an opportunity to do research, such as at the ANZAC Institute at Concord. All staff and patients benefit from having leaders in their fields caring for patients and teaching students, doctors, nurses and the many other speciality fields that constitute a teaching hospital. In addition, the opportunity to do research and work with outstanding physicians and surgeons attracts some of the best doctors to the hospital enhancing the quality of our medical staff.

The Universities appreciate the contribution of Concord patients who readily agree to participate in teaching sessions, examinations and other activities.

Concord Centre for Mental Health

Concord Hospital HistoryThe Concord Centre for Mental Health is a modern purpose built facility for patients who require specialist psychiatric inpatient care. It is dedicated to helping people recover and integrate back into the community. Specialty services provided include admission and assessment, acute and rehabilitation adult services, services for older people and extended adolescent care. The Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for admissions. For further information see www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/mentalhealth

ANZAC Health and Medical Research Institute

The ANZAC Health and Medical Research Institute undertakes research into disorders of lifestyle and ageing. The ANZAC Institute recognises the contribution that the nation's veterans and war widows have made in creating the society we have today and provides a lasting memorial to the ANZAC tradition. The Institute provides a tangible commitment to improving the community's health standards for the future.

Community involvement

NSW Health seeks to involve the local community in the planning and delivery of local health services. If you would like to be involved contact the consumer and community participation office at your local health service.

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