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What is Patient and Family Centred Care?

Patient and Family Centred Care

Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) is a way of working with patients and their families / support people where patients and their families are treated as partners in the provision of healthcare. It is a global movement which has been gaining pace over the past ten years, and is recognised as the way of the future in healthcare design and service delivery.

Advice and input about patients’ experiences as a consumer is valuable, and is sought and utilised in decision making at all levels. An emphasis is placed on collaboration - the development of patient and family and professional partnerships.

There are several projects running at Concord Hospital at the moment which fit with Patient and Family Centred Care values. (see current projects)

Caring for your community

Current Projects

Essentials of Care Flyer

Essentials of Care

Essentials of Care (EOC) is a program designed to enhance the patients and their families’ experience of care and increase staff satisfaction in the delivery of that care by creating safe, effective and compassionate workplace cultures.

Positive patient outcomes, quality, safety and an engaged workforce are described as outcomes of an effective workplace culture.

Heart of Health Heart of Health Flyer

The Heart of Health program has been developed to support staff to generate and maintain personal resources that will help support wellness and compassionate care.

Research has found that focusing on staff wellness, supporting resilience and helping staff develop effective coping strategies can be some of the most meaningful ways to ensure a compassionate environment for patients, their families and staff.

REACH© - Patient and Family Activated EscalationREACH Flyer

Recognise, Engage, Act, Call and Help (REACH©). REACH© is a program developed by the Clinical Excellence Commission NSW to engage patients and families as active partners in the care team. It provides an option for patients or families to call a phone number to ask for a review if there is concern the patient is becoming sicker, and they feel that staff have not recognised their concern .The phone connects them directly to an experienced Clinical Nurse Consultant who will review the patient immediately and take action as required.

Hourly Rounding and the Five PsHourly Rounding Flyer

Hourly rounding involves nurses and midwives rounding on their patients each hour. This creates a structured approach where the patient is assessed checking the 5P’s - pain, pain, position, pan, plugs, possessions) each hour.

The focus is on improving communication, attending to patients’ needs in a more timely manner and involving the patient and family in their care.

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