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Your Stay at Concord Hospital

Pre-Admission Clinic

In order to provide a smooth service, all patients scheduled for surgery should attend the hospital for a booking interview and/or Pre-Admission Clinic (PAC) assessment PRIOR to their date of admission. If you have not been notified by the hospital of your appointment time to attend PAC, please contact the Admissions Department at least one week prior to your scheduled admission date. It is important to note that your operation will not proceed without your signed consent form. If you have not already signed your consent form, you have the opportunity to do so when you attend the Pre-Admission Clinic.

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Country Patients - Pre-Admission Clinic Assessment

If you are unable to attend the Pre-Admission Clinic at Concord Hospital please ensure your General Practitioner (GP) completes the pre-operative tests required and forwards results to the PAC clinic on fax number 9767 9041. The hospital should have sent a letter detailing the tests required. If no letter is received, please contact the Admissions Department.

Isolated Patients Travel & Accommodation Assistance scheme (IPTAAs)

Financial assistance is available for people living in isolated and remote areas of NSW who have to travel more than 100kms (one way) to access specialist treatment. To make a claim, patients can obtain an application form from their referring General Practitioner.


The hospital has an on-site hostel that provides short term (three nights) accommodation for patients who are self-caring, independent and;

  • Required to remain on campus for various reasons (e.g. dressing education or Dialysis treatment)
  • Live outside of the Sydney metropolitan area and need to be admitted to the hospital by 7:00am the next day.
  • Live outside of the Sydney metropolitan area and need to attend a Doctor's appointments on Concord Hospital campus.
  • Carers of critically ill patients, who live outside of the Sydney metropolitan area and who are required to be frequently available to support the patient may access accommodation for a maximum of three nights. This will provide time to seek alternate accommodation external to Concord Hospital. A list of Hotels is available from Commercial Services Support Unit office (9767 7163). Hostel accommodation is limited.

Ward accommodation

Concord Hospital multi-level building provides contemporary ward accommodation over seven levels which include single, double and four-bed rooms, each with its own bathroom. Other wards provide single, double and four bed rooms. Same day wards provide shared accommodation.

Bedside telephone and television services

The wards have these services available for your convenience. To make a telephone call, you require a "Phoneaway" card. These cards can be purchased from most newsagencies. On the hospital grounds, they can be purchased from the newsagent or Cashier's Office. Amplifiers are available for inpatient phones. Please ask Nursing staff for more information. For television rental costs, please contact 1800 063 829. In courtesy to others, please ask your family and friends to not call after 9:30pm to your bedside phone.

Smoking in the hospital and grounds

For health and safety reasons, smoking is not allowed in any building or on the grounds of the hospital. This includes lift foyers, corridors and passageways, walkways and ramps, verandahs, tunnels, loading docks and grassed areas and roads within the hospital. Should you experience difficulties not smoking for the duration of your admission stay at this hospital, you are requested to discuss your concerns and options with your doctor.

Smoking and elective surgery

Smoking increases the risk of serious heart, lung and wound infection complications after surgery. In some circumstances, smoking increases the risk so greatly that surgery must be deferred. We strongly advise that you discuss this with your surgeon or GP well before the date of planned surgery. You can get advice about quitting from the Concord Hospital Drug & Alcohol Services (9767 8320) or by calling QuitLine 137 848. For maximum benefit, we recommend you cease smoking at least 6 weeks before surgery.


In the unlikely event of a fire, hospital patients and their visitors should remain in their ward and await instructions. Staff on your ward are trained to deal with emergencies and it is important for your safety that you do not leave the ward until asked to do so by the Nursing Unit Manager.

Interpreter Services

You have the right to a free, qualified and confidential Interpreter. It is hospital policy to use qualified interpreters to communicate medical, social or any other problems you may experience. If you require the Interpreter Service to assist you when you are being admitted, you should complete the relevant section of the Patient Registration form or if you need assistance completing the form call 9515 0030.

This hospital offers a twenty four hour interpreter service. If you would like an interpreter, please advise the staff when you are in hospital.

Public telephones and mail

There are a number of public telephones available throughout the hospital. Please ask ward staff for directions to the nearest telephone. Public phones require a Phone Card. Any mail addressed to you should have your family and given names clearly printed. All public telephones are wheelchair height accessible and are located in the main foyer, emergency department and the hospital cafeteria.

A telephone amplifier (for hearing impaired) can be borrowed from Building 4 switch, Building 73A Commercial Services and Building 3 Executive Unit.
A TTY (teletypewriter) phone is available in the Main Foyer of the hospital.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones may be used in open areas, but not within two metres of any patient. When used close to medical devices mobile phones are known to interfere with the correct functioning of these devices.

Allied Health services

The hospital provides Allied Health Services to assist you in your treatment while in hospital and access to community treatment or services when you are discharged. Allied Health Services include Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, Psychology, Social Work and Speech Pathology. Should you require an Allied Health consultation, talk to your doctor or the Nursing staff. Referral arrangements differ between the Allied Health Services.

Concord Hospital equipment loan pool (CHELP)

Located in Building 21, the hospital equipment loan pool lends equipment on a short-term basis (up to 12 weeks) for patients needing aids for daily living (e.g. bathing aids, walking aids) after discharge from hospital. The hospital's Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists need to arrange the loan while you are an inpatient.


Chaplains and Lay Pastoral Care Visitors attend the hospital wards on a regular basis. Full-time Anglican and Catholic Chaplains are available on call 24 hours a day. Please speak to a member of the nursing staff if you wish to see a Chaplain at any time. The Chaplains are able to arrange for a visit from representatives of other faith groups when requested. They are happy to provide a listening ear, sympathetic company, and spiritual support where appropriate, whether or not patients see themselves as people of faith. The Chaplains are also able to assist people needing a Justice of the Peace.
You are not required to provide information on your religious preference when you are admitted to hospital. However, this information will enable Chaplains to provide appropriate assistance.

The hospital's Ecumenical Chapel is located between the main multi-story building and Ward 11, and is open at all times for those who wish to use it as a place for quiet prayer and reflection. Regular services and meetings take place there, and these are advertised on the Chapel notice boards. There are also a number of quiet rooms in the hospital which may be used for prayer by those unable to use the Chapel (details available at the Main Information Desk).

Visits by Ex-service Organisations

Ex-service organisations such as RSL, War Widows Guild and Battalion Associations make regular visits to Veterans and War Widows when they are in hospital. If you are a veteran or war widow and wish to decline such visits by ESOs you will need to advise the Admitting Officer on the day of admission.

Inability to admit

The hospital will make every endeavour to admit you on the proposed admission date.  On occasions, the hospital needs to accommodate an unexpected increase in its emergency work and it is not always possible to admit all elective patients. As soon as a problem becomes apparent, the hospital will call you to discuss the situation.

Patient Representative

If you have any concerns or a complaint you may contact the Patient Representative. For further information please ask for a copy of the Concord Hospital Inpatient Information A booklet is available from the Admissions Department.

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Bring all your medications and/or a list of all the medication you are taking. When you come to hospital, it is important we know all the different medications you take and when you take them. Before you leave hospital, ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist any questions about your medications, including any changes to your medications.

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