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Courses and Workshops

Listed below are some of the courses that are available to all cancer patients, regardless of the stage of their disease.

Regular courses:

We offer a number of weekly courses at the Sydney Survivorship Cottage during the school term. Registration for the term is essential.

Music and Wellbeing
Sydney Survivoship Clinic

“Music has such a broad appeal; it can be soothing and stimulating, inspiring and comforting, unifying and communicative. It provides shared experiences and a means of self-expression.”

 Dr Alan Lem, Registered Music Therapist

Music intervention can have beneficial effects on anxiety, pain, mood and quality of life in people who have cancer. To participate, no previous experience or music skills are necessary.

Sydney Survivoship ClinicMedical Qigong

“I have found Medical Qigong easy to pick up & lots of laughs interacting with the others. It is gentle enough not to aggravate existing problems I have and it is helping me to stay active.”

 Fay, cancer survivor

Eun Jin Lim, a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), believes this 5000 year old practice which uses movements, breathing and meditation is a holistic way to maximise natural body healing. The Qigong classes she conducts at the Sydney Survivorship Centre (SSC) Cottage, is an opportunity for cancer patients to experience the therapeutic effects of Medical Qigong.

Gentle Yoga
Sydney Survivoship Clinic
“Having yoga at least once a week provides a break away from our day to day activities and rush. Helps heaps with muscle and core strength as well as providing relief and relaxation. I enjoy this class very much, wouldn't mind having it twice.”

 Mary, cancer survivor

Studies have shown that yoga can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, mood, energy levels and quality of life in cancer survivors.

In addition to being a gentle, low intensity exercise, Jessica the instructor believes yoga adds a contemplative element, which she describes as ‘mindfulness in motion’

Sydney Survivoship Clinic
 “I am really proud of my scrap book. It is enjoyable to look through and was very therapeutic to work on. I'm not suggesting that every cancer patient works on a scrap book of their experience as an oncology patient, but I found that my scrap book project was very healing. It also allowed me to meet others in similar situations.”

 Mara, cancer survivor

Scrapbooking provides an opportunity to create a visual diary that may include pictures, photos, journaling or sketches that can eventually become a family heirloom.

Sydney Survivoship Clinic

Card making

“The card making class provides an opportunity for me to enjoy my creativity that was well hidden. I get completely absorbed in making cards - time flies away without any worries.”

 Stephnie, cancer survivor

The craft of making hand-made greeting cards, is a popular hobby that is also very relaxing.

Art Therapy

Art therapy allows people to come together and enjoy creating as well as each others company.

Floral Design

Participants express themselves through the creation of lovely floral arrangements, learning new skills and enjoying meeting up with other people.

Latino Workout

Latino Workout is an active work out to exciting music. It gets the heart pumping.


We regularly offer one off workshops on various topics of interest to cancer survivors.

Two recent examples are the “Learn to Massage” workshop and a “Laughter workshop” that were held at the Sydney Survivorship Centre Cottage.

For a complete list of courses and workshops click on this link. To obtain more information or to register,
email :

ENRICH Program

ENRICH classes are run at Concord in conjunction with the Cancer Council NSW. ENRICH is a 6 week exercise and healthy eating program for cancer survivors, carers, partners and family. The 2-hour sessions are run by our dietician and exercise physiologist. Look at the Cancer Council NSW website to see when the next course will be commencing.

Sydney Survivorship Centre Gym

Sydney Survivoship Clinic

“Exercise is a positive and beneficial therapy for people who have experienced cancer and is associated with improved quality of life, management of cancer related fatigue, reducing psychological distress-and most importantly forming new support networks!”

 Jane Turner, Exercise Physiologist

The gym at the Sydney Survivorship Centre is an integral part of the multi-disciplinary service that assists with lifestyle changes.  Programs held at the gym include, Cancer & Exercise Research Trials, Weight Management Program and the Mesothelioma Exercise Program.

Sydney Survivoship Clinic

To quote Angela, a cancer survivor, "Cancer is a journey that no one wants to encounter however there is support if you are willing to accept it. When I was told about the Sydney Survivorship Centre program I was very reluctant to go. However I did attend and  I am ever so grateful for the empathy, passion and expertise that Jane incorporates in my  individual exercise program to help me to get on my road of recovery'.

Weight Management Program

“Being given the opportunity to be involved in the Weight Management program has been a very positive and rewarding experience. It has contributed greatly to my wellbeing as I have been guided and encouraged to take control of my health since my diagnosis and subsequent treatment. “

 Sandra, cancer survivor

Research suggests that maintaining weight within the recommended healthy range helps to reduce the risk of developing some common cancers and helps to decrease the risk of a cancer coming back.

The Weight Management Program at the Sydney Survivorship Centre is facilitated by our Dietitian  Dr Cindy Tan and our Exercise Physiologist, Jane Turner.  It involves a 6 month supervised physical activity and dietary program aimed at promoting and implementing healthy lifestyle, behavioural change,  body composition changes, and recovery.  It involves two gym classes each week and regular sessions with the dietitian.