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The Sydney Survivorship Clinic

The Survivorship clinic is available to oncology and haematology patients who have completed primary treatment (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) for early stage cancer and who have no sign of a recurrence of their cancer. It requires a referral from your regular oncologist or haematologist.

On the first visit to the Sydney Survivorship Clinic, the patient will see a number of health professionals, including a specialist cancer doctor, cancer care nurse, dietician, exercise physiologist and clinical psychologist. The emphasis is on helping each patient so this results in the preparation of a coordinated care plan for each patient.

Sydney Survivoship ClinicDepending on their oncologist's referral, oncology patients will either return to their original medical team or continue follow up at the Survivorship Clinic. Haematology patients will return to their original medical team.

The Sydney Survivorship Centre Cottage

The Sydney Survivorship Centre Cottage acts as a hub and the venue for courses and programs of interest to cancer survivors and their families.