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Visiting Hours
Visiting Hours

The visiting hours of most wards are 9:00am to 8:00pm. In some critical care areas (for example, Burns, Coronary Care and Intensive Care Units) children less than 12 years of age will only be permitted to visit at the discretion of the Nursing Unit Manager or Nurse In Charge. To avoid disturbance to other patients, visitors should be restricted to two per patient at any one time.

Visiting hours for:             

General Ward Areas 9am to 8 pm
Intensive Care Unit 12 midday to 8 pm
Burns Unit 2 pm to 8 pm
Palliative Care Unit No Restrictions

All visitors are required to use the hand washing sink or alcohol rub/gel to clean their hands when entering and leaving the wards. Visitors should ask Nursing staff whether or not personal protection cautions are required before entering Isolation rooms.

Please note: The hospital is locked down between the hours of 8:30pm - 5:30am. Access can only be granted by Security Services, located at the Main Gate. The Emergency Department is accessible 24-hours a day.

Flowers are not usually allowed in wards 5 East, Burns Unit or ICU, please contact the Nursing Unit Manager to confirm before purchasing flowers.

Visitors with colds, flu or gastroenteritis are requested not to visit the hospital while they are unwell.