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Growth and Development - Communication

One of the most important things your child will learn is how to communicate.

Children learn to communicate by interacting with their parents and carers, family members, friends and educators.

All children learning language need to have experiences with stories, songs, nursery rhymes, play and repetition.

How can you help your child to communicate?

All children learning any language need to have language experiences with stories, songs, nursery rhymes, play and repetition.  Some things that you can do to help a child to learn language are:

  • get face to face when you are communicating and playing together
  • talk about what the child can see and what they are interested in
  • work out what the child is trying to say, and put it into words for them
  • give the child a chance to talk by WAITING before you say more
  • when you read books, talk about the pictures that the child seems interested in. You don’t need to read all of the words in books all of the time.

How do you know if your child’s communication is on track?

Speech pathologists at Sydney Local Health District have developed these resources to help parents understand the signs of good communication at different ages.

What if you think there’s a problem?

If you have any concerns about your child’s communication development, check with a speech pathologist. Speech Pathologists work together with the important people in a child’s life (like their parents, family, friends and educators) to help children with different communication needs.

To see a speech pathologist in Sydney Local Health District call the Child Health Information Link on 9562 5400.

Download “what do speech pathologists do?”  for more information.

Other helpful resources

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