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The importance of early education

Did you know 90% of a child's brain development happens before they even start school? This makes the first five years of life very important for early education.

The importance of early education

Families are a child's first teachers and contribute to giving children the best chance to have a strong start in their early years of life.

Access to at least 15 hours per week of quality preschool education for children in the year before school helps give them the best chance at succeeding into the future.

According to the NSW Department of Education, a high-quality preschool program lays a strong foundation for a child's overall wellbeing and development. Children who go to preschool are more likely to start school with the cognitive, social and emotional skills needed for ongoing learning.

Preschool also creates opportunities for your child to bond with other children, empathise with others and learn how to manage their emotions and to deal with stress.

Preschools promote healthy eating, good hygiene and physical activity. Many of them also offer access to routine eyesight and hearing checks, some of which are performed by our child and family health nurses.

Long term studies have shown the benefits of a good early education continue well beyond primary school, and can lead to higher levels of educational success and social skills. These benefits continue over the child's lifetime, and include improved health outcomes, employment and family wellbeing.


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