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Autumn Fun

As the weather starts to cool down, Autumn is a great time of year to get outside and get active! As Sydney Local Health District’s Health Promotion Officer Nadia Levett explains, the new season brings new ways for kids to explore and have fun.

“With the crisp air and leaves falling into piles, children can play, hide and wriggle about, embracing nature and enjoy a day out” says Ms Levett.

Not to mention the fact that in Autumn the temperature has fallen enough for your family to go for walks and bike rides without getting too hot! “Walking outside is a brilliant way to boost your feel-good hormones - helping to prevent depression as well as the cold weather blues.”

Ms Levett says it can also balance mood and behaviour in children. “Kids won’t feel cooped up if they are still getting outdoors and this will minimise restlessness at home”.

To make sure you don’t fall into the habit of staying indoors as the weather becomes cooler, make outdoor activities part of your weekly plan and get the kids involved.

“It’s the time of year for bike-riding, kite-flying and running or collecting leaves for craft or painting” says Ms Levett.

The trick to spending time outdoors all year round is to be organised. As it starts to get cooler, make sure you pack raincoats, gumboots and warm clothes so that your family can have fun outdoors and stay healthy.

Autumn Fun   Autumn Fun

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