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Learning through craft

Art and craft can be a lot of fun for kids, but did you know craft also helps our little ones develop essential life skills? Child and Family Health Occupational Therapist, Britt Woolfenden, tells us how something as simple as drawing with a pencil can help children when it comes to feeding and dressing themselves.

"Craft is a way of making learning fun for a child" says Ms Woolfenden.

"When a child starts drawing with a texta or a pencil, that's a hand strengthening exercise that can help them grip a spoon or a fork."

Drawing also helps children develop a hand preference (left or right), preparing them for writing.

By the time a child starts drawing simple shapes, or colouring in (around age 3-4 years), these skills also help them to be able to do things like open a lunchbox or unscrew a drink bottle.

Cutting and gluing paper for a collage might seem pretty simple - but for a little one, there's a lot involved! They're strengthening their hands using scissors and learning how to sequence a few steps together.

Embracing craft time is an essential part of learning for our children – and provides mums and dads with plenty of decorative pieces to hang on the fridge.

Learning through craft Learning through craft


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