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A healthy start to the school year

It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school and that means planning school lunches


Back to school blues

What to do if your child is nervous or anxious about school

Back to school blues

Learning through play

Polly Barendrecht, Occupational Therapist, tells us why creative play is important for your child's development.

Learning through play

Let's play

It seems simple doesn't it? - according to Sydney Local Health District's child and family health experts, that little four letter word is one of the most important things you'll do with your kids.

Let's Play

Starting Solids

Babies are ready for their first taste of solids from around six-months-old. It can be an exciting yet messy time for both you and bub! Sydney Local Health District’s Child and Family Health Nurse Kim Dunlop talks us through the basics of getting started.


The importance of early education

Did you know 90% of a child’s brain development happens before they even start school? This makes the first five years of life very important for early education.


Whooping cough warning

Pregnant women and parents of babies and young children are being warned whooping cough cases in New South Wales are on the rise.


Staying safe in summer

Sydney summer means some very hot days and warm nights. We spoke to the nurse manager of Child and Family Health Services Sydney Local Health District, Paola Gordon, about how your family can beat the heat and stay cool this summer.

Staying safe in summer

Brushing up for sparkly smiles

As part of Dental Health Week our experts give their tips on how to keep your child's smile bright and healthy.

Brushing up for sparkly smiles

Helping children stay in the healthy weight range

We know children need to grow and gain weight, but it’s best if they stay within a certain weight range for their height and age. Sydney Local Health District’s Early Childhood Dietitians, Kalliope Polyronis and Kate Holland, explain how to keep children in the healthy weight range.


Feeling good in 2017

Tips from Sydney Local Health District's mental health expert Dr Jean Starling.

Feeling Good in 2017

Is your family sun safe?

RPA's skin cancer expert Professor John Thompson has some tips on how to make sure we’re all protected from the sun.

Is your family sun safe?

Itchy bites

Long sunny days, gorgeous outdoor evenings and yep, you guessed what comes next...
“Is anyone else being eaten alive?”

Itchy bites

A growing family

Are you expecting your second baby and wondering how your first born will handle the change? Sydney Local Health District’s Child and Family Health Nurse Kim Dunlop has some tips to make the transition as easy as possible!


Beat the heat

Sydney can become very hot and humid in summer. With some simple precautions you and your family can avoid dehydration and other heat-related health problems.


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