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History of SHCIS

Offering healthcare in the language of our communities

The first Health Care Interpreter Service (HCIS) was launched at the former Crown Street Women's Hospital in May 1977. The main office at Crown Street Women's Hospital was supported by interpreter bases at other inner suburban hospitals and by 1980 interpreter services had been extended to the entire Sydney metropolitan, Hunter and Illawarra regions.

In 2006, the establishment of the former Sydney South West Area Health Service resulted in the merger of the then Central Sydney and South West Sydney Health Care Interpreter Services, and the service was renamed the following year to the Health Language Services. Health Language Services provided health care interpreting and translation services to the former Sydney South West Area Health Service (later Sydney South Western and Sydney Local Health Districts), in addition to the central and northern networks of the former South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service (later the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District) between 2006 and 2014.

In July 2014, the management of health care interpreting services for the Sydney and South Eastern Sydney Local Health Districts transferred back to the Sydney Local Health District, and a new service, Sydney Health Care Interpreter Service was established.

The Sydney Health Care Call Centre and Management team is located on the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital campus, and is supported by staff interpreter bases at Canterbury Hospital, Concord Hospital, Croydon Community Health Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital