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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need management experience?

Previous management experience is not required as the program is designed to develop leadership and management skills. However, you will need to demonstrate the ability to organise and manage people. The program is not suitable if you already have substantial management experience. 

Will it help my application if I have some work experience in the NSW Health System?

Any experience in the health system, whether vacation work as a porter, a temporary office position or junior manager, will help you gain an understanding of the way the health system works. However, selection is based on your ability to meet competencies rather than experience.

Am I eligible for the Program?

You must hold a degree from a recognised university as well as being an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia. If you do not meet these two essential criteria, you are not eligible for the program.
If your undergraduate degree is from an overseas university you should confirm with the University of Tasmania that it is recognised. Contact the University at 

Is there an age limit?

There is no upper age limit, although the program is designed to recruit early career candidates to develop future leaders of the NSW Health System. 

What is expected of me during the program?

The Chief Executive (CE) of Sydney Local Health District is making a significant investment into the development of your career through this program. Subsequently the CE expects a substantial return on that investment. You are expected to work hard, be motivated and take all opportunities to increase your knowledge and fulfil your responsibilities.

What happens at the end of the program?

Subject to your performance during the program the Chief Executive may offer you a 12 month secondment into a management position within the District.  Following your secondment it is your responsibility to secure a position through the usual merit process.


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