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Welcome to Sydney Local Health District

Sydney Local Health District is one of the leading Local Health Districts in Australia.

It’s a busy place. With around 12,000 staff, our District is responsible for the health and wellbeing of more than 700,000 thousand people living within our boundaries, rural and remote parts of NSW and Australia and more than a million people who come into our District each day to work, study and visit.

Sydney Local Health District is made up of Hospitals, Health Services and a range of associated support services. We provide services in the hospital setting and in the community.

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In Sydney, our Vision is excellence in health and healthcare for all. A key part of our culture and day to day business is our focus on Patient and Family Centred Care.

Innovation is celebrated across the District – each year we host an Innovation and Research Symposium to foster collaboration and networking. Our Graduate Management Trainees become part of our organising team. Ideas are also celebrated in the District’s quarterly Pitch Innovation Series.

We value Research and Education to continue to keep growing our people and our services with the hope we can provide the care tomorrow that might not be possible today.

How the Graduate Health Management Program fits in

The Graduate Health Management Program is a special program that started right here in Sydney Local Health District to ensure we continue to grow leaders for the future.

We are very fortunate in Australia to have one of the best public health systems in the world. Being part of this large, integrated health service is an incredible privilege. We have a dedicated workforce, ensuring delivery of services every day to make a difference in the lives of other people – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.


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