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Living Well Photography Competition 2017

Thanks to all mental health carers, consumers, inpatients and anybody with a lived experience of mental illness residing in the state of NSW and Sydney Local Health District staff for participating and joining us in the celebration of Mental Health Week 2017. On behalf of Mental Health Service of Sydney Local Health District we wish you all the best in living well and living longer.

Theme:  ‘Inspiration’

Participants were asked to submit photographs that portray inspirational things in their life, particularly things that inspire them to live well.


First Prize Winner: Frances Brown
Second Prize Winner: Cliff Philipiah
Third Prize Winner: Sally Downie

Staff Award Winner: Daniel Lamp

Technical Award Winner: Marlena Hua

Excellence Award Recipients:

  • Adaeze Chimbo
  • Andrea Ruhl
  • Briar Pultar
  • Claudia Mason
  • Emma Glascott
  • Gerado Morales
  • Geraldine White
  • Helen Minns
  • Lauren Parker
  • Lee Woon Lim (Selena)
  • Mahlie Jewell
  • Mandy Gwan
  • Mary Woodward
  • Matthew Georgiades
  • Richard Helich
  • Simon Zieba
  • Tanija Novosel
  • Tash Kapadia
  • Zhulan Fu


To view the award recipients photograph with title and description download the Living Well Photography Competition 2017 Award slides.











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Mr Asif Iqbal, Competition Coordinator

E-mail: Mr Asif Iqbal

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