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Living Well Photography Competition 2023

Thanks to all mental health carers, consumers, inpatients and anybody with a lived experience of mental illness residing in the state of NSW and Sydney Local Health District staff for participating and joining us in the celebration of Mental Health Month 2023. On behalf of Mental Health Service of Sydney Local Health District we wish you all the best in living well and living longer.

Theme: 'The Connections We Create'

Connections define our lives, impact well being and evolve over time. It comes in various forms through our lives. We are seeking photographs that capture the essence of human connections and showcase the bonds we form with ourselves, with others and with our surroundings. Show us your connections that foster resilience and well being. Share with us the moments defining connections that gives you hope, strength, and happiness everyday. Along with your photograph we want you to tell us, in a maximum 100 words, the thoughts and feelings behind your photograph.


First Prize Award: Tracey Lancaster - Te Anau sunset
Second Prize Award: Cliff Philipiah - Father & Daughter
Third Prize Award: Helen Singleton - Photo of Izzy

Staff Award: Sarah El-Wahsh - Whisper
Technical Award: Kristy Robinson - Just Bee

Excellence Award (Alphabetical Order):

Andy Simpson - Feeding the birds
Angela Lee - Union
Angii Higgins - Connecting cats
Brendan Dunn - Brooklyn, NSW
Izzy Singleton - Fluffy love
Jo-Anne Ho - Stillness
Raz Akunyare - The boy and the Boab tree
Trish Jean - Always there
Zhiqing (Shirley) Chen - Chinese traditions

To view the award recipients photograph with title and description download the Living Well Photography Competition 2023 Award slides.

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Coordinator Information

Mr Asif Iqbal, Competition Coordinator

E-mail: Mr Asif Iqbal

Essential Form

Release form for photographic subject