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Our Staff

Our Staff

We have more than 800 staff providing a wide range of mental health services to our communities in Sydney Local Health District.
The District Mental Health Service is managed by an executive comprised of representatives of the major portfolios that constitute the service. These include:

  • Medical Specialties
  • Nursing
  • Allied Health
  • Community Mental Health
  • Clinical Governance
  • Corporate Governance

The Mental Health Executive operates under a Chief Executive who is guided by a District Board. The purpose of Mental Health Executive is to:

  • Determine and monitor project priorities and strategic directions
  • Participate in a shared, constructive vision for the continuing reform of mental health services based on State and National priorities
  • Be stable, flexible and able to respond to the challenges of service delivery within the context of broader jurisdictional needs
  • Commit to the implementation of good governance principles to be accountable; transparent; responsive; effective; efficient; equitable and inclusive; and follow the rule of law
  • Participate as key stakeholders in the broader mental health community as disciplined contributors and expert.
  • To safeguard and care for consumers and employees of the service

The Mental Health Executive consists of:

Professor Victor Storm
Professor Victor Storm
Director of Mental Health Sydney Local Health District
Conjoint Associate Professor, School of Medicine, University of Western Sydney

Ms Clair Edwards
Ms Clair Edwards
Director of Nursing, District Mental Health Service
Deputy Director of Mental Health Services
Adjunct Associate Professor University of Western Sydney

Dr Andrew McDonald
Dr Andrew McDonald
Director of Clinical Services, District Mental Health Service

Viktoria Sundakov
Viktoria Sundakov
Director of Psychiatry, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Dr Philip Hazell
Director Infant Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Dr David Kitching

Director of Psychogeriatric Services

Mr Allan Hall
Director of Clinical Governance, District Mental Health Service

Mr Dion Puru
Mr Dion Puru
Director of Operations & Corporate Governance, District Mental Health Service


Senior Clinical Staff & Managers:

Dr Hang Tran
Medical Director, Concord Centre for Mental Health
Dr Robert Gribble
Consultation Liaison Mental Health, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Mr Paul Clenaghan
Service Manager, Community Mental Health
Mr Lance Takiari
Operational Nurse Manager, District Mental Health
Ms Megan Still
Innovation Manager, District Mental Health
Mr Simon Tully
Senior Social Worker, District Mental Health
Ms Julie Bohan
Senior Occupational Therapist, District Mental Health

Ms Lil Vrklevski
Ms Lil Vrklevski
Senior Psychologist, District Mental Health