Advance Care Planning
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Advance Care Directive (ACD)

This is a document written by you about your own healthcare wishes. It is also known as a “living will”. It is used for future healthcare decision-making if you are unable to communicate your own decisions.

  • It gives you peace of mind knowing your wishes will be known by people you rely on.
  • Legal document advising what types of healthcare you will accept and what types of healthcare you do not want.
  • This is the preferred document as it must be followed by healthcare professionals if the document is valid and enforceable.
  • For this document to be valid you must have capacity, which is usually determined by your own doctor.

Capacity means that you understand the facts and choices involved, can weigh up the consequences and communicate the decision. 
This assessment is usually best made by your treating doctor and we recommend you discuss this further with them.

There are many Advance Care Directive forms available, all of which are acceptable as legal documents, however, Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) recommends you consider using the attached Advance Care Directive.