Advance Care Planning
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Advance Care Plan (ACP)

An Advance Care Plan is a document written for you or with you about your values and preferences for healthcare. You can contribute as much as you feel comfortable. It could be written as a letter, a plan, or Statement of Values and Wishes. However, SLHD recommends you consider using the attached Advance Care Plan.

This type of document is often used when a person cannot write an Advance Care Directive due to lack of capacity.  It is also used when a person wishes to share decision-making with his/her Person Responsible.

A plan written for you

  • It is written by your Person Responsible with your input.
  • This is a guide to help your Person Responsible to make decisions at a time you do not have capacity.
  • It helps relieve the distress of the people that may have to make decisions on your behalf.
  • This is not a legal document about the healthcare you will accept, but instead provides guidance for decision-making clinicians.
  • It allows you to have as much or as little input as you wish.
  • Ensures that decisions made by your Person Responsible are based on your wishes.
  • Provides flexibility for healthcare professionals and your Person Responsible.
  • Will only be followed if you can’t communicate your own decisions.
  • This type of document is often written by Carers