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What if English is  not your first language

What if English is not your first language?

If you are not confident with the written or spoken English language, a professional interpreter (not a family member) should always be used. This will ensure that you fully understand the document and that your wishes are correctly transcribed in English. It is important that an Advance Care Directive or Advance Care Plan is written in English so that a doctor can follow your wishes.

If you are a Person Responsible for someone and would like to document wishes on behalf of that person, you should not assume that he/she does not have capacity to complete an Advance Care Directive just because they cannot express themselves in English. A professional interpreter can ensure that the discussion is correctly translated and that the person can take part in important discussions or decisions about health care matters.

Resources with translations

  • Information about Wills, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship, NSW Ministry of   Health: 1300 887 529 or online at:  Enduring Guardian Factsheet translations.