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This innovative service allows a healthcare professional to develop a palliative care treatment plan that will support a patient’s care to be given in the most appropriate setting. This plan is developed in consultation with the patient, carers and/or family.  A GP or specialist can submit the final treatment plan to NSW Ambulance for authorisation. Once authorised by NSW Ambulance, the paramedic responding to a triple zero (000) call can provide treatment in alignment with the plan. For example, additional pain medication or respiratory therapy may be ordered to manage end of life symptoms. The option for hospital transfer remains available if that is the patient’s and family’s choice.

Further information on Advance Care Planning is available through healthpathways

HealthPathways is web-based information portal designed to be used at the point of care, primarily for General Practitioners but is also available to Hospital Specialists, Nurses, Allied Health and other Health Professionals within Inner West Sydney. For further information on HealthPathways visit the Sydney Project Management website

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