Advance Care Planning
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Carers Role and Documentation

We often hesitate to discuss end of life issues because it may seem cruel or unkind and we may want to protect them from difficult issues. However, having a conversation may be the most intimate way to promise your loved one that you will be there for them.

Being a carer and/or a Person Responsible is a big responsibility as it may involve making important lifestyle and/or healthcare decisions for a person when they don’t have capacity to decide for themselves.

If you have been appointed the Enduring Guardian the full details of your responsibilities will be detailed as specific functions on the Form of Appointment

When you are making health care decisions on behalf of a person it is a good idea to document decisions on an Advance Care Plan as at times of stress it is hard to remember what may have been discussed earlier.

Keep the original document and give copies to the treating doctor and the hospital where the person receives most of their healthcare.