Advance Care Planning
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Triggers to start an Advance Care Planning discussion

Opportunities for discussion

Advance Care Planning discussions are typically ongoing, rather than being a one-off events. There is no set format for discussions. They may be at a doctor’s surgery, at home around the kitchen table, by the bedside or in a nursing home.

What is important is that enough time and privacy is provided to create an atmosphere that allows an open discussion about what is important to the person you care for and respecting their right to be involved, as little or as much as they wish. By listening, you share their wishes and promise that you will be their voice by respecting their decisions.

Opportunities to start the discussion include:

  • Admission to a residential aged care facility.
  • Commencement of a community aged care package/services.
  • Diagnosis of chronic disease, e.g. renal, cardiac or respiratory.
  • Diagnosis of a life-limiting illness, e.g. cancer or dementia.
  • Diagnosis of cognitive impairment.
  • Deterioration of a medical condition.
  • The person you care for starts the conversation.