Advance Care Planning
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How do you start the discussion

How do you start the discussion?

Starting these discussions may be hard. It may bring up questions, concerns and uncomfortable feelings. You do not have to talk about your decisions all at once. Give yourself time to make your decisions and to make sure your decisions are understood. Some ways of starting the discussion are:

  • Acknowledge that you understand the subject may make others feel uncomfortable. However, you need those you rely on to hear what you have to say because it is important to you.
  • Tell them you want them to know your choices so that they won’t have the added stresses of trying to guess.
  • Talk to them about what makes your life meaningful and what would make it unbearable. Tell them if you were nearing death and could not speak for yourself or be understood, what is most important about your physical or mental well-being.

Cultural Needs Awareness

It is important to be aware that Advance Care Planning values the principle of autonomy of decision-making, however, this may conflict with the beliefs and values of some people from different religions and cultures.

An understanding of different spiritual and cultural backgrounds when initiating an Advance Care Planning discussion can assist this process.