Advance Care Planning
SLHD My Wishes

When to start the discussion:

Dying to talk - Jean's Story

It is best to start the discussion about your wishes for your healthcare when you are well.
Having early and repeated discussions about end of life care is useful as it will help the people you rely on to make decisions on your behalf.
These decisions would only be referred to if you were too unwell to communicate for yourself.
Times to start or revisit the discussion include:

  • Diagnosis of a chronic condition or diagnosis of a progressive condition without a curative option, including cancer and dementia.
  • Planned major surgery.
  • Repeated hospital admissions.
  • Admission to a residential aged care facility.
  • Making a Will or appointing an Enduring Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardian.
  • Any concerns about your health issues.

The people you choose to have these discussions with should know you well and should include your Person Responsible (legal substitute decision maker).

It is highly recommended that you involve your treating doctor to assist in guiding your decisions according to your medical situation at the time.