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Our Projects

  • Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) for total knee or hip arthroplasty: Megan White, Nichola Boyle, Paul del Torre, Justin Naylor, Greg Fairbrother, Janice Gullick.
  • The experience of lower extremity major amputation in patients with peripheral vascular disease: Sue Monaro, Janice Gullick, Sandra West.
  • Nursing Practice in Advanced Liver Disease: Janice Pritchard Jones, Sone Strasser, Carlie Stephens, Lisa Dowdell, Catherine Brannigan , Katherine McQuliian, Geoff McCaughan, Amany Zekry, Sally Spruce, Ling Zhang, Janice Gullick.
  • The experience of burn pain and the introduction of validated pain tools in the ICU: Katina Skylas, Sue Taggart, Janice Gullick.
  • Caring for carers of people with heart disease: Janice Gullick, Lise Panaretto, Susana Brazete.
  • Perceptions of physical health and well-being in young people with mental illness who take psychotropic medication: Andrea McCloughen, Kim Foster, Cynthia Delado,, david kerley, David Mui, Nikka Marabong.
  • Improving care for patients with transient amnesia with challenging behaviours:  Kylie Tatsula, Mary Lordan, Amy Lim, Cynthia Delgado.
  • Evaluation of a PND therapy group at Tresillian: Margaret Booker, Greg Fairbrother, Cathrine Fowler.
  • Pathways to residential services: a qualitative study exploring the experiences of women with children under 6 months of age: Holly Pridis.
  • Creating Better Futures: Nick Hopwood.
  • Does parental sensitivity to infant cues relate to maternal responsiveness in feeding, behaviour and infant weight? Georgie Russell.
  • Promoting person-centered practice within children's hospital services through the use of key performance indicators: Val Wilson, Cathrine Fowler.
  • Psychological Birth Trauma: Women's experiences of PTSD following childbirth: Madeleine Simpson.
  • Family based interventions for a smoke-free home: Nicola Brown.
  • How is the working alliance affected by the attachment state of mind of a mother and the child and family health nurse assigned to her care? Fran Chavasse, Cathrine Fowler, Angela Dawson.
  • Exercise testing in the postpartum period: Maryam Saligheh.
  • Vitamin D in pregnancy: exploring the link with gestational diabetes : Kate Griew, Rosalie Nunn, Shailja Tewari.
  • Midwifery Group Practice Outcomes: Catherine Dunphy, Kate Griew, Greg Fairbrother.
  • Characteristics, trends, co-admissions and service needs of women admitted to residential parenting services: Hannah Dahlan.
  • Understanding nurse engagement with falls risk assessment and prevention strategies: Paul Francisco, Janice Gullick.
  • Enhancing consumer engagement in genomics research: Ann Azziz, Janice Gullick.
  • Heart and Mind: A Closer Look at Mild to Moderate Cognitive Impairment in Acute Coronary Syndrome Survivors: Anna Woolaston.
  • Sankalpa: Staff compassion and wellness: Nickolas Yu.
  • Consumer experiences of care in acute inpatient mental health units:  Sophie Isobel, Tim Wand, Clair Edwards.
  • Collaborative and safe communications training for nurses as part of trauma informed care: Sophie Isobel Cynthia Delgado Etienne Kitto.
  • A brief survey of mental health patients' experiences of nursing interventions to promote smoking cessation within acute mental health units in Sydney Local Health District: Shirley Hamilton, Sophie Isobel, Clair Edwards.
  • Risk factors for CHD among Chinese immigrants and the influence of culture on primary and secondary prevention:  Kai Jin, Melody Ding, Lis Neubeck, Tebbin Koo, Lise Panaretto, Susana Brazete, Janice Gullick.
  • Promoting person-centered practice within children's hospital services through the use of key performance indicators:  Val Wilson, Cathrine Fowler, Fran Chavasse, Leanne Daggar, Nicola Brown, Jeanette Smit.
  • Does parental sensitivity to infant cues relate to maternal responsiveness in feeding, behaviour and infant weight? Georgie Russell, Cathrine Fowler, Elizabeth Denney-Wilson, Fran Chavasse, Jessica Appleton.
  • Six month follow-up survey of young people and their parents/carers regarding their experiences post discharge from Rivendell Adolescent Mental Health Unit: Janine Mottee, Jeff Wood, Louise Trembath.
  • Evaluation of a PND therapy group at Tresillian: Greg Fairbrother.
  • Renal Transplantation and the incidence of polyoma BK virus infection post-transplant: Lorraine Garry, J. Eris, K. Wyburn, S. Chadban.
  • Consumer experiences of nursing collaborative care planning in acute mental health units: Rebecca Reid, Sophie Isobel.
  • Primary carer experiences of inpatient mental health care: Sophie Isobel.
  • Evaluation of Baby Buddy Australia mobile app on positive behaviour changes in pregnant women from vulnerable populations: Loretta Musgrave, Adrienne Gordon.

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The SCHoLAR project:

  • The experience of difficult venous access (DVA) for patients with liver disease: Sinead Sheils, Sue Mason Janice Gullick, Greg Fairbrother.
  • The experience of a complex wound & evaluation of a complex wound clinic: Sue Monaro, Natalie Ko, Jana Pinkova, Nicole Stromsmoe, Janice Gullick, Greg Fairbrother.
  • The family experience of a traumatic suicide attempt: Ebon Smith, Liz leonard, Jameela Truman, Janice Gullick, Greg Fairbrother.
  • The Experience of pregnancy with a stoma: Ian Whitely, Janice Gullick.
  • The use of bilingual nurses as non-accredited interpreters in the Emergency Department: Heesun Chang.

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Our Publications

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