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Visiting Dental Day Surgery

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What you need to do

Before your arrival

Depending on your procedure you may want to organise a family member, carer or friend to take you to and from the hospital or clinic following your procedure. For patients under the age of 18 a legal guardian must be present for the duration of the surgery.

It is important you follow your dentist’s advice in what you can eat and drink prior to your appointment. To reduce complications, patients should not smoke for at least two weeks before surgery.

Please check with your doctor if you should continue to take your regular medication on the morning or week prior to surgery. You should contact your dentist immediately if you are too unwell before your procedure.

If you are having surgery please also bring:

  • All medications you are currently taking and dosage information
  • Comfortable loose clothing and footwear
  • Your glasses or contact lens case
  • A book, magazine or music and headphones
  • A change of clothes for patients under eight
  • Incontinent patients must bring a change of clothes and extra continence aids

When you arrive for day surgery

Our staff will confirm:

  • Your contact details
  • Your medical history
  • Your medication history
  • Your next of kin contact details
  • Your GP contact details
  • Your consent form has been signed.

When you are admitted, a bracelet identification band will be put on your wrist.

It is recommended that you remove all makeup, nail polish, jewellery and body piercings.

Please do not bring your valuables with you. SDH & OHS is not responsible and cannot reimburse you for lost property.

Find out what forms and cards you should bring here.