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Who We Treat

Sydney Dental Hospital (SDH) and Oral Health Services (OHS) provide public oral health services to eligible patients as outlined in the current NSW Health Policy.

For General Dental Care


SDH and OHS provide treatment to adults who:

Children and young persons

SDH and OHS provide treatment to children and young persons who:

If you do not live in the area which we provide services to please call your Local Health District service. See https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/oralhealth/Pages/contacts.aspx for further information: You can also call the Centralised Oral Health Intake and Information Service (COHIIS) on 9293 3333 who will provide you with the appropriate health service contact number.

Dalarinji Aboriginal Oral Health Clinic

To be eligible for treatment within Dalarinji Aboriginal Oral Health Clinic patients must have a current Medicare Card and have a Confirmation of Aboriginality Letter. This letter can be obtained from an Aboriginal Medical Service / Aboriginal Health Service, Local Aboriginal Land Council or some Aboriginal Corporations. Please note all letters must be stamped with the Organisation's Common Seal.

For Specialist Care

SDH and OHS provide a range of specialist oral health services, such as orthodontic and general anaesthetic services, to eligible patients. Patients with a valid concession card, or patients whose parents/guardians have a valid concession card, are eligible for inpatient specialist dental services. For more information on the eligibility criteria please refer to the current NSW Health Policy and the Specialist Referral Form.