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Oral Health Promotion

Oral health promotion aims to prevent oral health disease before it occurs or to reduce the impact of oral health disease. This is done through a variety of strategies or community-based programs that aim to improve and maintain population oral health. For example, teaching people how to correctly clean their teeth and maintain a healthy mouth.

Why is Oral Health Promotion so Important?

The mouth and the surrounding structures including the teeth is an important part of the body as a whole. A healthy mouth, with a complete set of healthy teeth, is essential for general well being and quality of life. It plays an important role in the digestion of foods and boosts people's confidence to speak and socialise freely.
Many oral diseases, including tooth decay and gum disease, can be prevented through early detection and intervention. Preventative programs and services represent a sound investment in the health of the country and help to alleviate future restorative oral and general health care expenses. Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) Oral Health Service is highly committed to delivering meaningful and accessible Oral Health promotion initiatives.

Our Goals

The SLHD Oral Health Promotion Team has the following key priorities:
  • To increase awareness in prevention and early intervention of tooth decay and gum disease caries.
  • To educate parents, caregivers through oral health promotion information sessions.
  • To provide training with staff, to enhance their knowledge and skills in oral health promotion and to ensure that uniform messages are delivered into the community.
  • Commitment in oral health improvement and research.

Our Services

Our friendly Health Promotion Team is able to provide Oral Health Promotion Information Sessions to community groups or have Oral Health Information stalls at community events. Topics covered in the session are varied and we can cater specifically to your needs. Topics may include (but are not limited) to the following:
  • Caring for your teeth
  • Maintaining a healthy mouth
  • Diet tips
  • Common oral disease
  • Denture care
  • Access to our services

If you would like to request an Oral Health Promotion Information session at your facility/service please complete the request form . For further information or questions please contact our Head of Oral Health Promotion and Research on +61 2 9293 3466.

Our Oral Health Promotion Programs

Early Childhood Oral Health Program

  • The aim of the Early Childhood Oral Health Program (ECOH) is to promote good oral health for infants and preschool children. In partnership with the NSW Centre for Oral Health Strategy, the ECOH program supports the "Lift the Lip" campaign, training and educating child health workers to recognise early signs of tooth decay.

NSW Little Smiles

  • This program was developed to reduce tooth decay and improve the oral hygiene of children aged 0-5 years. Targeted oral health promotion education and information sessions are provided to child care workers to encourage healthy eating and preventative oral hygiene practices. 

Healthy Mouths for Kids Under 5

  • This program developed an oral health package that targets parents/carers/grandparents of children under 5 years to help reduce Early Childhood Caries.

Chairside Advisory Program

  • Clinicians and trained dental assistants provide oral health promotion information to patients at the chairside, based on their personal and clinical needs.     

Smoking Cessation

  • Smoking has a profound effect on oral health and is a significant risk factor for lung cancer, emphysema and other diseases. The purpose of the Smoking Cessation program is to support individuals to stop smoking and develop a healthier lifestyle. Clinicians and staff also encouraged to share knowledge, skills and resources regarding the oral and general health implications of smoking with their patients and clients.

Our Aboriginal Oral Health Promotion Programs

Protect Your Smile
  • This program aims to increase awareness on the importance of good oral health and hygiene whilst playing sport. The program celebrated 'Mouthguard Day' by providing a number of Aboriginal school children with custom-made mouthguards to protect their teeth while playing sport.

Aboriginal Oral Health Hub and Spoke Program

  • This program aims to provide high quality oral health services to the Aboriginal people of NSW through the provision of a 'Hub and Spoke' service delivery model. Through this program, a 'Hub' with high level capability services was established at SDH to provide support to smaller sites with low level capability services called 'Spokes'. This model enhances the ability of smaller dental services to provide improved access to dental care for Aboriginal people, particularly in rural and remote areas.

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