The Planning Unit develops, manages and coordinates District-wide strategic, service and facility plans for the Sydney Local Health District.

Planning is undertaken in accordance with the District's vision and mission

"To achieve excellence in healthcare for all"

"Ensuring the community has equitable access to high quality patient-centred care"

Strategic Plan
SLHD Health Profile 2015

Strategic Plan
SLHD Strategic Plan 2012-2017

Latest News & Consultation

During March, 2013, Sydney Local Health District in collaboration with the Inner West Sydney Medicare Local undertook a community consultation about our healthcare services and our draft District Healthcare Services Plan. The consultation provided us with useful information about community perspectives and views about their healthcare needs.

Our District Healthcare Services Plan

The District Healthcare Services Plan, (a requirement of the NSW Ministry of Health and the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing) is a 5 year plan for "Our Services" in SLHD. The Plan establishes the future directions for the fifteen Clinical Streams in SLHD, articulated to the identified strategic priorities of the District and our hospitals and community health services. We are currently amending the plan based on the outcomes of the Community and Staff Consultations.

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