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The Planning Unit develops, manages and coordinates District-wide strategic, service and facility plans for the Sydney Local Health District.

Some plans will be written, and the process managed by the planning Unit.

The Planning Unit is also able to provide advice, resources and assistance to clinicians and providers in developing their own plans.

The planning unit has access to a range of data, information and planning tools that aid the development of plans. Planning has access to the latest population projections, data about health services and health status.

It also has access to forecasting software, tools for assessing historical flow patterns and inpatient activity and tools for guiding the allocation of resources and health service roles across facilities and the District.

Planning In SLHD

The SLHD Strategic Plan is the overarching planning document for the District.
Consistent with this Strategic Directions Plan, the District will develop the following enabling plans:

  • District Healthcare Services Plan
  • Research Strategic Plan
  • Education and Training Strategic Plan
  • Workforce Strategic Plan
  • Communications Plan
  • Community Participation.

The major service and strategic planning for the District will be undertaken as a component of the District's Healthcare Services Plan which will define the current and future services and strategies based on clinical streams, with clear service role delineation across sites. This is outlined in Figure 1.

Hospitals and Community Health will develop five year plans which align with the District Strategic Plan. Strategic plans will be undertaken for

  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Concord Hospital
  • Canterbury Hospital
  • Balmain Hospital
  • Community Health

The District's business plans and performance requirements are consistent with the vision, mission, goals and strategies of the SLHD Strategic Directions Plan (SDP).

Figure 1: Overview of Planning Relationships in SLHD


The District Healthcare Services planning process will involve plans for each of the clinical streams. These streams are indicated in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Overview of District Healthcare Services Planning


Based on these plans the District will develop its Asset Strategic Plan which will be informed by, but replace, the South Western Sydney Asset Strategic Plan (2009-2017). This plan will match the service delivery needs with capital and asset developments across the District.