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Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) provides population and census information and projections. Examples of important surveys include the National Health Survey, The National ATSI Survey, the National Disability Survey.
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) provides important health care publications. These include Australia's Health, hospital statistics, BEACH (General practice data)
NSW Cancer Council provides data in relation to cancer incidence, morbidity, mortality and future projections.
A range of important data and information is available from NSW Health. For example, NSW Midwives Data Collection, NSW Health Population Projections, Chief Health Officers' Report, NSW Health Promotion Surveys, Aboriginal Health Impact Statement guidelines, Process of Facility Planning, inpatient data, emergency department data.
Pubmed provides access to bibliographic information that includes Medline as a well as some additional journals to Medline. Pubmed Central provides access to full-text free Medline journal articles.
Free online access to the Medical Journal for Australia plus clinical guidelines.
Clinical Information Access Program (CIAP) provides access to key peer-reviewed journals and clinical evidence.
The National Health and Medical Research Centre provides health-related research and publications, including clinical guidelines.
The Cochrane Database of Systematic reviews provides the full-text of reviews developed by systematically searching healthcare journals.
The Australasian Health Facility guidelines provide a common set of base elements incorporating best practice approaches to health facility planning, standard spatial components and flexible planning tools.
The NSW Department of Planning has a range of information relevant to urban planning including the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy, sub-regional strategies, NSW, regional and LGA population and dwellings projections and Growth Centre plans.