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Local District Profiles

Health Profiles for local Communities in Sydney Local Health District

To support the work of clinical services and facilities in meeting local needs, profiles on the health of residents of each local government area in SLHD have been developed. These profiles have been developed in collaboration with the Inner West Sydney Medicare Local (IWSML). Each profile describes the characteristics of the local population and how it compares with the District population and the population of NSW.

The health profiles provide:

  • a brief description of the local government area and its location within SLHD/IIWSML catchment
  • projected population growth over the next twenty years
  • key demographic and population characteristics such as how many people live in the local government area, main countries of birth and languages spoken, income, socio-economic status and labour force status
  • a range of selected indicators of health status (such as reported health status, health behaviours and risk factors, chronic disease indicators, cancer morbidity and mortality, disability, birth rates)
  • health service utilisation and availability
  • sources of further information.

The information in these profiles has been obtained from a range of sources including the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 Census of Population and Housing, local councils, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, NSW Department of Local Government, NSW Population Health Survey, NSW Health Chief Health Officer's Report, Cancer Institute NSW Registry and NSW Health and SLHD information systems.

Users of this information are advised to refer to the source data to ensure accuracy and data explanations which accompany the profile to ensure the information provided is interpreted appropriately and that the data limitations are understood. Reference can be made to the source data through the links and/or references provided.

For more information please contact the SLHD Health Services Planning Unit by email or telephone (02) 9515-9517.

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