Live Life Well @ School

The most recent data from the NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey indicate almost one in four children in NSW is overweight or obese. Schools are an important setting to encourage and model healthy habits such as being active and eating well.

Live Life Well @ School is a joint program of the NSW Department of Education and Communities and NSW Health which has been delivering quality professional learning to teachers since 2008. This professional learning aims to further develop teachers’ knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching nutrition education and fundamental movement skills as part of the K-6 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) syllabus.

The program aims to promote ‘whole school’ physical activity and nutrition initiatives consistent with classroom practice, the school’s curriculum, culture and community and is part of the NSW government strategy for Preventing Overweight and Obesity in Children, Young People and their Families. Since 2008, over 1700 teachers from more than 750 schools have benefited from these workshops.

Live Life Well @ School

Key elements of Live Life Well @ School include:

  • Free two-day practical workshop for teachers
  • Developing a Principal endorsed action plan within three months of the workshop
  • A $2000 implementation grant for schools once action plan has been endorsed. The grant is for resources which have a specific focus on whole of school activities which promote healthy eating and/or physical activity
  • Exclusive access to online professional learning modules
  • Ongoing support from Sydney Local Health District.

Within Sydney Local Health District, the Live Life Well @ School team is responsible for promoting the Live Life Well at School program, recruiting schools for the workshop and providing guidance and practical assistance for 12 months to support schools during implementation. Schools are supported to implement an action plan tailored to the needs of their school community. Schools can include a range of curriculum and environmental activities in their action plans including:

Term 4 2014 Live Life Well @ School workshop:

            Canada Bay               October 23 & 24 2014

For more information contact Helen Dirkis.