Environmental Health

Environmental health is the interaction between the environment and the health of populations of people. While environmental health is distinct from environmental protection, there are overlaps in many areas. Environmental health has been defined as "those aspects of human health determined by physical, biological, and social factors in the environment."

Environmental health includes the provision of safe drinking water supplies, recreational use of water, sewage management, public swimming pools, toxicology, microbial control, skin penetration industries, funeral industries, arbovirus control, air quality, waste management, and basic hygiene. We have a shared role with local councils and other government agencies on many of these matters.

The Public Health Unit has a small Environmental Health Team and it works closely with the Local Councils in the Sydney Local Health District. They comprise of Inner West Council (formerly Ashfield, Leichhardt, Marrickville Councils), City of Canterbury-Bankstown, City of Canada Bay, part of City of Sydney, Burwood & Strathfield.
Legislation administered

Available via: http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/

The Environmental Health Branch at NSW Health has a comprehensive website with information on the following

We also have a non-regulatory role providing advice in the areas of human health risk assessment, safe drinking water supplies, recreational water quality, arbovirus control, air quality, asbestos contamination, noise and water recycling.

Environmental Health