Public Health Unit

The Public Health Unit is responsible for protecting the health of people who live, work in or visit Sydney Local Health District

We are focused on promoting good health, and preventing diseases and ill-health through a range of programs including:

  • Implementation of NSW Ministry of Health Notifiable Diseases Response Protocols for NSW Public Health Units
  • Surveillance, monitoring and the implementation of preventive strategies to control communicable diseases
  • Coordination of district-wide immunisation activities and programs
  • Environmental health services and environmental health risk assessments
  • Applied epidemiology and public health research
  • Public health advocacy
  • Liaison with other government and non-government organisations
  • Contributing to health planning and policy development at a State and local level to create a healthy and sustainable built environment
  • Public health emergency management, planning and implementation
  • Tobacco control and smoke-free environment compliance
  • Provision of opportunities for training of public health professionals
  • Licensing and inspection of anatomy facilities.

SLHD Catchment area

The Public Health Unit is responsible for area of inner western Sydney that currently includes several statistical local areas (as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics): Ashfield, Burwood, Canada Bay - Concord, Canada Bay - Drummoyne, Canterbury, Marrickville, Leichhardt, Strathfield and Sydney South and Sydney West.

Some Councils in New South Wales commenced merging into new larger Councils in 2016, and this process will continue in 2017. Within the Sydney Local Health District boundaries, the following councils are currently either wholly or partially located, as of October 2016:

  • Inner West Council
    (wholly within SLHD; consists of the former Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils)
  • Canterbury - Bankstown Council
    (partially within SLHD; SLHD includes the old Canterbury Council portion of this new merged Council)
  • City of Sydney Council
    (partially within SLHD; SLHD includes Sydney-South and Sydney-West statistical local areas)
  • Burwood council
    (wholly within SLHD)
  • City of Canada Bay Council
    (wholly within SLHD)
  • Strathfield Council
    (wholly within SLHD)

The negotiation on the merger of remaining councils within SLHD is ongoing.  For more updates and information on the merger of local councils please visit here.   To look up or understand the boundaries of our catchment area and/or map where you live, please visit the NSW Health LHD map here.

Emergency Management
We work with the NSW Ministry of Health Health, Healthcare facilities and partner agencies to prepare, prevent, respond to and recover from emergencies and major incidents.  Effective planning and preparation can reduce the impact on people's health from many types of emergencies including:

  • Natural disasters and severe weather
  • Man-made emergencies (e.g. a building collapse or major transport accidents)
  • Infectious diseases/food safety threats
  • Chemical and radiation emergencies.

For more information on emergency management visit the NSW Ministry of Health website.