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  Street address:
Level 11, KGV Building
Missenden Road
Postal address:
Post Office Box M30
Missenden Road NSW 2050

Phone: (02) 9515-6111
Fax: (02) 9515-9610

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Our Research

Tresillian Family Care Centres is committed to supporting, disseminating and undertaking research that increases knowledge about child and family health. Tresillian's research focus is on children from birth to school age and their families, and child and family health service delivery. Tresillian has, through the sponsorship of the inaugural clinical chair in child and family health in partnership with the University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Health, significantly contributions to advancing knowledge in child and family health nursing. This has enabled Tresillian to:

  1. Draw on the research resources of UTS;
  2. Develop staff research understanding and capacity;
  3. Conduct research in partnership with other organisations and universities;
  4. Participate in international research in Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia and Jordan;
  5. Support nurses participating in higher research degrees

Current Research Involvement

  1. Dickson C, Fowler C, Mapletoff S, Walkem K, Smith S, Hunter V, Johnson K, Jones J,  Lee S,  Mulligan J, Maddox J, Taylor C,  Evaluation of a reflective learning guide for skill development in postgraduate child and family health nursing students.
  2. Booker M, Fowler C, La Touche L, Fairbrother G, Maddox J, Aiello J, Evaluation of a postnatal depression therapy group intervention.
  3. Russell G, Fowler C, Denny-Wilson E, Chavasse F, Laws R, Appleton J, Rossiter C, Tresillian Infant Feeding Study: Does parental sensitivity to infant cues relate to maternal responsiveness in feeding, infant eating behaviour and infant weight?, UTS Grant ($20,000)
  4. Fowler C, Chavasse F, Daggar L, Maddox J, Brown N, Smit J. Paediatric International Nursing Study (PINS): Tresillian Evaluation.
  5. Dahlen H, Schmied V, Fowler C, Dickinson M, Mills R, Smit J, O’Loughlin G, Jones P,The relationship between pregnancy and birth complications, obstetric interventions, demographic characteristics and admission to residential services of Tresillian and Karitane in NSW from 2000-2010: A data-linkage study. ARC funded ($119684).

Key Achievements

  • Results from Tresillian’s participation in the Paediatric International Nursing Study (PINS) demonstrated Nursing Performance Indicators were achieved at a high level.
  • Increased involvement of clinical staff in relevant clinical practice research.

Research Staff

  • Professor Cathrine Fowler, Tresillian Chair in Child and Family Health UTS
  • A/Prof for Industry Jeanette Smit, Director of Clinical Services
  • Ms Marie Dickinson, Quality Manager
  • Ms Nicola Brown, Manager Professional Practice & Innovations Centre
  • Ms Leanne Daggar, Operational Nurse Manager
  • Ms Julie Maddox, Clinical Nurse Consultant
  • Ms Deborah Stockton, Operational Nurse Manager Rural & Metro Day Services
  • Ms Margaret Booker, Social Worker

Higher Degree Students:
  • Ms Marie Dickinson
  • Ms Fran Chavasse
  • Ms Nicola Brown

Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:
  1. Kelly M, Marshall L & Fowler C, 2016, Use of Simulation for Patient and Caregiver Education, Chapter 6. In Marshall L (Ed), Mastering Patient and Family Education: A Handbook for Success. Sigma Theta Tau International, Indianapolis, IN: 125-154, ISBN: 9781940446301
  2. Kassab M, Fowler C, Foureur M, 2016, Infant pain, beliefs and knowledge: Discussions with Jordanian Nurses, Australian Journal of Child and Family Health Nursing, 13(2): 10-15.
  3. Wanda D, Fowler C & Wilson V, 2016, Using flash cards to engage Indonesian nursing students in reflection on their practice, Nurse Education Today 38: 132-137.

  1. Fowler C, Dahlen H, Schmied V, Thronton C, May 2016, Reasons for women being admitted to Tresillian and Karitane residential parenting services in the year following birth in NSW, Australia, World Association for Infant Mental Health, Prague. (Poster presentation)
  2. Fowler C 2016 November, Implementing evidence based culturally competent nursing care in multicultural health care services, 1st INSympoFest Universitas, International Nursing Student Symposium and Festival, Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia, Nursing School, Invited speaker
  3. Fowler C, 2016 November Challenges towards health sector achievement related to Sustained Development Goals, 1st International Nursing Scholars Congress Universitas Indonesia, Invited speaker
  4. Fowler C, 2016 November, Benefit and Challenging in Implementing Inter Professional Education from multi-perspectives, 1st International Conference on Global Health, Indonesia, Invited speaker.
  5. Fowler C, 2016 October Paediatric International Nursing Study: The Tresillian Experience, Healthy Children, Flourishing Families Conference Tresillian Family Care Centres, Invited Speaker
  6. Fowler C, 2016 June, Breaking the Cycle for Incarcerated Fathers, Sydney Local Health District Sydney Innovation & Research Symposium, Invited speaker
  7. Smit, J, 2016 May, Transforming Teams – a Tresillian Practice Development project NBM LHD Nursing & Midwifery Conference Awakening the Force. (Poster presentation)
  8. Maddox, J, 2016 May, Implementation of Bedside Clinical Handover in the Tresillian Residential Units NBM LHD Nursing & Midwifery Conference Awakening the Force. (Poster presentation)
  9. Maddox, J, 2016 May, Improving the Families’ Experience During a Tresillian Residential Stay: Using a Practice Development Approach NBM LHD Nursing & Midwifery Conference Awakening the Force.(Poster presentation)
  10. Maddox, J, 2016 November, Improving the Families’ Experience During a Tresillian Residential Stay: Using a Practice Development Approach Sydney Local Health District Sydney Innovation & Research Symposium, (Poster presentation)

Contact: Professor Cathrine Fowler and Ms Jenny Smit

Contact details for department

Department/Unit: Tresillian
McKenzie Street
Belmore NSW 2192
Telephone: (02) 9787 0869
Facsimile: (02) 9787 0880
Web: www.tresillian.org.au/
Email: Cathrine.Fowler@uts.edu.au