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Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA)

Our Research

Our Research The Mission Statements and Objectives of the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA) are:

  • To improve the health and productivity of older people through research into the ageing process. 
  • To improve the well-being and quality of life of older people, especially those with frailty or dementia, through research into health care.
  • To provide leadership in the education and training of people involved in the care of older people and involved in ageing research.

Through innovative and multidisciplinary research, CERA expands and shares knowledge of human ageing, so that the health and quality of life of older people can be improved. Currently, its broad research strengths are focussed on therapeutics in old age, geriatric syndromes (falls, frailty, multimorbidity, cognitive impairment), oral health and the biology of ageing. The Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project (CHAMP) is an NHMRC-funded longitudinal study of older men in the community is currently completing a study of oral health and ageing and the Biogerontology Laboratory at the ANZAC Research Institute is currently developing nanomedicines to prevent and treat age-related changes in the liver. The Biogerontology group is also collaborating with the Charles Perkins Centre to study the relationship between nutrients and ageing. Pharmacological and therapeutic research is focussing on the issues of pain, polypharmacy and deprescribing. In addition CERA is conducting research in collaboration with other disciplines including surgical specialities, anaesthesia, oncology and intensive care.

Our ageing research is achieved through a broad program that incorporates clinical, laboratory, epidemiological and health service evaluation approaches. Allied to this are education programs, at basic and advanced levels of practice, in geriatric medicine and other education programs for medical students and aged care workers from a range of professional settings including pharmacy, oral health, nursing and allied health. The teaching of geriatric medicine and associated disciplines within The University of Sydney's, Sydney Medical School continues to be one of CERA's core programs.

CERA has a complex and flexible structure that reflects its position within the University and the Concord Hospital. CERA was formed in 1997 as a joint centre between the University of Sydney and Concord Hospital. CERA was subsequently formalized as a Centre of the University of Sydney in 2009. CERA has strong linkages with the Sydney Local Health District, being a member of Sydney Research and the Ageing and Alzheimers Institute (AAAI) of the Concord Hospital. The members of CERA include clinical academics, university academics, researchers employed on competitive grant funding as well as hospital doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who are involved with ageing research at Concord Hospital.

Key Achievements

During 2016 academics and clinicians affiliated with CERA (Le Couteur, McLachlan, Wright, Blyth, Naganathan and Cogger) have published more than 60 peer reviewed journal articles, been involved in 8 NHMRC and ARC grants, 2 NSW Health Translational Research Grants, and supervised more than 20 post graduate research students.


2016 Officer (AO) in the General Division of the Order of Australia awarded to Professor David Le Couteur for distinguished service to medicine as a clinical pharmacologist and geriatrician, particularly through a range of advisory roles and academic research activities.

Research Staff

Director, Professor David Le Couteur AO

David Le Couteur is Professor of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Sydney and Senior Staff Specialist Physician in Geriatric Medicine at the Concord RG Hospital in Sydney. His research focusses on ageing biology and geriatric pharmacology. Academic metrics include more than 320 publications and chapters; scholar H index 53, 21 Australian NHMRC and ARC research grants (>$12 million funding over 22 yrs) and 32 post-graduate research students (20 completed PhD, 3 current PhD). He was president of the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists (ASCEPT 2011-2013). He was recipient of the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2013 William B Abrams award (contribution to geriatric clinical pharmacology) and the 2015 Rand Medal of the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists (contribution to national and international pharmacology). He served on several Federal medicines committees: Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, and chaired its Drug Utilization Subcommittee; Australian Drug Evaluation Committee and chaired its Pharmaceutical Subcommittee; and Advisory Committee on the Safety of Medicines (2013-2014). In 2016 he was awarded an AO for distinguished service to medicine as a clinical pharmacologist and geriatrician, particularly through a range of advisory roles and academic research activities.

Professor Andrew McLachlan

Andrew McLachlan is a pharmacist and researcher with experience in clinical and experimental pharmacology and research into the quality use of medicines. He achieved First Class Honours and was awarded the University Medal during his undergraduate degree, completed a PhD in Sydney and then worked as a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Manchester. In 1994 Andrew returned to Australia to take up a competitively funded postdoctoral fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology at St Vincent's Hospital (Sydney) before returning to the University of Sydney as a Lecturer in 1996. In 2006 he was appointed Professor of Pharmacy (Aged Care) in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney based at Concord Hospital and the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA) at Concord Hospital. His main research interests centre on understanding the causes and consequences of variability in response to medicines and how this informs their quality use. The focus of his research has been in special patient populations such as older people. Andrew is currently the Program Director of a NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Medicines and Ageing. Andrew has authored more than 200 research papers in peer reviewed journals and attracted over $12 M in competitive research funding. Andrew's particular expertise has meant he has been engaged in numerous research-based collaborations, acted as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, international universities, served on the Editorial Boards of international peer reviewed journals and been appointed to expert committees of Australian governments.

Associate Professor Victoria Cogger

Victoria Cogger is an Associate Professor at Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. She holds a BSc (Hons) and PhD from the University of Sydney and undertook Postdoctoral training at the National Institutes of Health in the USA with Professor Irwin Arias and Dr Jennifer Lippincott-Schwarz. She has over 60 peer-reviewed and 10 chapters and has been a chief investigator on 11 Australian NHMRC grants (~$4.5 million). Victoria's research focuses on ageing biology, understanding the function of the ageing liver and how structural and biological processes contribute to changing liver function with age. Victoria is the President elect of International Society of Hepatic Sinusoid research and received the Denis Wade and Johnson and Johnson New Investigator Award for the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists in 2006. Victoria has recently been appointed as the Associate Dean for Higher Degree Research and is responsible for postgraduate research degrees in the Sydney Medical School.

Professor Fiona Blyth

Fiona is Professor of Public Health and Pain Medicine at the University of Sydney. She is a public health physician and pain epidemiologist. She is currently Head of the Concord Hospital Clinical School, and Associate Dean within the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney, and Senior Advisor to the Sydney Public Health Observatory, within the Sydney Local Health District. She has been involved in studies of chronic pain epidemiology for over fifteen years, including large prospective cohort studies, RCTs, pharmacoepidemiological studies, and health services research using linked routinely collected datasets. This work has resulted in 130 publications. She is internationally recognised for her work conceptualising pain as a public health problem. She was on the expert reference group for low back pain for the 2010 Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Project. She has close collaborative links with local and international groups researching healthy ageing, arthritis/musculoskeletal conditions, and comorbidity/multimorbidity. Fiona is also on the Advisory Committee of the Ageing and Alzheimers Institute (AAAI) at CRGH, on the Board of the ANZAC Research Institute, and is a strategic advisor to PainAustralia and Section Editor for Topical Reviews for the journal PAIN.

Professor Clive Wright

Clive Wright is Associate Director (Oral Health) and Clinical Professor at the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing. He is Emeritus Professor, Preventive Dentistry and Community Dentistry at the University of Melbourne and holds adjunct Professorships with Charles Sturt University and the University of Newcastle. He was Chair of the Ministerial Review of Dental Services in Victoria in 1986, the inaugural Chair of the Accreditation Committee of Australian Dental Schools of the Australian Dental Council 1995/1996 and the Chair of the Dental Auxiliary Accreditation Sub-committee of the Australian Dental Council 2001/2002. He has served on the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing Review of the Dental Benefits Act 2008, and currently serves on the NH&MRC Review of water fluoridation Committee and the Australian Dental Association (Inc)/ Alzheimer's Australia Professional Development Steering Committee. He was appointed by the Federal Minister for Health in 2012 to Chair the National Oral Health Promotion Planning Committee (2012-2013). He has more than 120 publications on oral health promotion, preventive dentistry, dental public health and geriatric dentistry. In 2000 he was awarded the Alan Docking Prize for Dental Research by the ANZ Division of the International Association for Dental Research, and two research papers on which he was co-author have received the Australian Dental Association Award for Excellence in Dental Journalism. In 2011 Clive was awarded the PHAA NSW Branch Public Health Impact Award and an Order of Australia (AM) Member in the General Division, in June 2015. He is a Chief Investigator with the current NH&MRC CHAMP research in oral health and co-supervises 6 post-graduate (MPhil & PhD) students. Associate

Professor Vasikaran Naganathan

Vasi Naganathan is an academic at the University of Sydney and a consultant Geriatrician at Concord RG Hospital. His research interests are wide including: health of older men, oral health, falls, fractures and osteoporosis, pharmacology in the older people and the application of evidence-based medicine to older people. He is currently primary supervisor of 6 PhD students and secondary supervisor to 2 students. Vasi has approximately 130 publications and has authored more than 50 research publications in the last 5 years. Vasi has bravely ventured into difficult area of clinical trials in older people. He is a lead investigator on a landmark NHMRC funded clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of deprescribing medications in older people who live in residential aged care facilities. Vasi has developed research collaborations with a number of different disciplines including oncology, cardiology, pharmacy, nutrition and public health. He has trained many local geriatricians as Advanced Trainee Coordinator in the past (RACP award for excellence in mentoring). He has supervised a number of clinical research projects undertaken by trainees in Geriatric medicine, undergraduate medical students, dieticians and pharmacy students. Vasi is a Chair of Scientific Subcommittee of Australian and New Zealand Society of Geriatric medicine, member of Federal Council of Australian and New Zealand Society of Geriatric medicine , member of the hospital's ethics committee (HREC) and Chair of the Scientific Subcommittee of the HREC, organising committee of 3 National ANZSGM scientific meetings and Deputy Head of Concord Clinical School. He has developed an interest in the global health of older people and spent some time in Uganda (2010). He is and has collaborated on research projects in Uganda, Malaysia, and Thailand. Associate Professor Louise Waite. Louise Waite is a Senior Geriatrician at Concord Hospital and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney. Publications include over 100 peer-reviewed papers, 50 of these being in the last 5 years. She is a chief investigator on the NHMRC funded Concord Hormones and Ageing in Men Project (CHAMP) study and has co-authored over 50 papers from this study. Her research focus is dementia, focusing on pre-clinical syndromes that predict dementia. She is a clinical lead for the Cognitive Disorders Clinic at Concord Hospital, a state wide multi-disciplinary clinic for the assessment, diagnosis and management of dementia and cognitive disorders. Louise is a member of the Scientific Subcommittee of Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric medicine, current chair of the Division of Medicine at Concord Hospital and serves on numerous hospital committees.

Administrative support

  • Ms Marisa Wright
  • Ms Janet Gilchrist

Affiliated geriatricians

All of the Geriatric Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist physicians within Aged Care and Rehabilitation at Concord Hospital are affiliate members of CERA. The following specialists have been involved in research or enrolled in higher research degrees at the University of Sydney.

  • Associate Professor Louise Waite PhD (Chief Investigator CHAMP)
  • Dr Helen Creasey
  • Dr Nicola Boyle
  • Dr Eric Diu
  • Dr Lisa Ng
  • Dr Jennifer McMeniman
  • Dr Robyn McCarthy
  • Associate Professor John Cullen (Director Aged Care and Rehabilitation)


  • Mr Glen Lockwood (research assistant, Biogerontology)
  • Dr Alessandra Warren (post doctoral scientist, Biogerontology)
  • Dr Jibran Wali (post doctoral scientist, Charles Perkins Centre)
  • Associate Professor Peter McCourt (University of Tromso, visiting Professor)
  • Associate Professor Gunbjorg Svineng (University of Tromso, visiting Professor)


  • Dr Benjamin Hsu (post doctoral scientist)
  • Dr Vasant Hirani (post doctoral scientist)
  • Ms Kate Milledge (dietician, project officer)
  • Ms Janet Gilchrist (administrative assistant)

Clinical Research

  • Ms Leanne Kearney (Research Project Office)
  • Ms Melissa Casey (Research Nurse)
  • Ms Sarita Loh (Research Pharmacist)

Oral Health

  • Mr Gary Law
  • Mr Stephen Chu
  • Ms Juliette Tran


  • Monika Dzidowska, Research Program Manager, NHMRC CRE Medicines and Ageing

Higher Degree Students:


  • Benjamin Hsu (completed 2016)
  • Noran Hairi
  • Rosilene Waern (completed 2016)
  • Naomi Noguchi
  • Shajjia Razi (completed 2016)
  • Rahul Gokarn
  • Mashani Mohamed (completed 2016)
  • Peter Cao
  • Devin Wahl
  • Sophie Kang
  • Winston Cheung
  • Sarah Aitken
  • Nichola Boyle (submitted 2017)
  • Ellie Shu
  • Eduardo Valdez
  • Jennifer Gibney
  • Shane Eagles
  • Bei-Lun Li
  • Fatima Sakeena Hameem
  • Daniel Rifkin
  • Alan Deutsch (completed 2016)
  • George Johnson
  • Stephen Chu
  • Joanne Mohammadi
  • Josephine Touma

Publications and Presentations

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Professor David Le Couteur

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Professor Clive Wright

  1. Are older men who claim good oral health - actually happier? 12th International Conference, Asian Academy of Preventive Dentistry, Tokyo, Japan

Research Grants

NHMRC  Banks, Le Couteur, Pearson, McLachlan, Viney, Hilmer, Gnjidic, Blyth, Joshy Banks, Le Couteur, Pearson, McLachlan, Viney, Hilmer, Gnjidic, Blyth, Joshy   High risk prescribing in older Australians  $ 577,181 2012-2016
NHMRC  McLachlan, Pearson, Banks, Preen, Le Couteur CRE Medicines and Ageing  $ 2,446,505 2014-2018
NHMRC  Turner, Sinclair, Le Couteur NAD+ and SIRT2 regulation of mitotic lifespan, senescence and healthy ageing  $ 595,220 2014-2017
ARC Simpson, James, Raubenheimer, Conigrave, Le Couteur Regulation of protein appetite  $ 379,000 2016-2018
NHMRC  Simpson, Le Couteur, James, Cogger Moecular mechanisms linking nutrition and age-related health  $ 376,012 2016-2018
NHMRC  Chung-Wei, Lin, Maher, McLachlan, Latimer, Laurent Billot, Koes The first placebo-controlled trial of opioid analgesics for acute spinal pain    $ 996,237 2015-2017
NHMRC Partnership Day, Zwar, Reath, Westbrook, Lau, Baysari, Laba, McLachlan, Runciman Patient-centred eHealth approach to improving outcomes for gout sufferers  $ 660,565 2015-2020
NHMRC Cumming, Wright, Hirani, Naganathan, Blyth, Harford Study of the relationship of oral health and oral health service utilisation to the general health of older Australian men   $ 460 2014-2016
NSW Health TRG Hilmer, Le Couteur, Gnjidic, McLachlan, Baysari, Crane, Lander, Bennett, Blyth Reducing inappropriate polpharmacy for older inpatients  $ 928,000 2016-2017

Contact details for department

Head of Department: Professor David Le Couteur

Department/Unit: Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA)
Concord Hospital
Hospital Road
Concord NSW 2139
Telephone: (02) 9767 7212
Facsimile: (02) 9767 5419
Web: aaainstitute.com.au
Email: david.lecouteur@sydney.edu.au