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Drug Health Services

Our Research

Research Summary Research within Drug Health Services (DHS) adopts a multi-disciplinary approach and encompasses a broad range of disciplines including clinical toxicology, addiction medicine, public health, epidemiology, hepatology, mental health and Aboriginal health. There are direct links to the University of Sydney (USYD) including the School of Pharmacology and long standing affiliations with the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), AW Morrow Gastroenterology and Liver Centre (AWM) and the Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology (CI).

Addiction Medicine provides a multidisciplinary approach to address Alcohol, tobacco and illicit substance use and related harm. The DHS team has conducted a number of randomized controlled trials to test new treatments for alcohol and related disorders. Clinical service evaluations have been undertaken of both internal components of the clinical drug health service of SLHD and external agencies.

Public Health research focuses on patterns of use, and prevention, treatment and harm reduction approaches. This includes approaches to prevent and treat harms associated with drug and alcohol use, such as blood-borne virus infection, including needle and syringe programs, primary health care, a variety of treatment programs such as opioid substitution treatment, and specific women's and children's health and social issues.

Aboriginal Health research (led by Professor Kate Conigrave) is involved in developing culturally appropriate, accessible and innovative approaches to prevent alcohol or other drug use disorders. A key feature of this work is strong partnerships with local Aboriginal communities and services. Our work with partners in regional NSW and in remote NT, and at the University of Sydney, has been recognised by state and national awards. A new NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence has been awarded in 2016 to this team to train indigenous researchers to identify solutions to alcohol problems. We also work to translate research into knowledge that is accessible to Aboriginal health professionals and Aboriginal community, and resources we have developed are in use around the country.

Biomedical and Genetic Research in liver disease (led by Associate Professor Devanshi Seth), is an important area of research at DHS. Our clinical and basic research in liver disease aims to understand the mechanisms of how alcohol injures the liver and identify potential genetic and non-genetic bio-markers as therapeutic and/or diagnostic agents. The team is currently investigating the mechanisms of action of novel molecules and pathways in the development of liver cirrhosis and compensatory liver regeneration in patients and in animal/cell culture models of alcohol. The international GenomALC Consortium has established the largest biobank of drinkers, linked to clinically well characterised database. The bio-specimens will be genotyped to identify gene mutations that predispose some drinkers to cirrhosis and protect others from liver injury.

Clinical Research in Alcohol Treatment and associated mental health is a major area of interest with ongoing randomised control trials, including comorbid substance abuse and suicide risk. The team (led by Prof Paul Haber) is leading world first research into alcohol dependence, alcoholic liver disease and their associated psychological comorbidities under the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Mental Health and Substance Use.

Clinical Toxicology's scope includes acute and chronic medicine and chemical poisoning, serious adverse prescribed and non-prescribed drug reactions and toxicology that create a substantial source of morbidity and mortality across the world. The team (led by Professors Andrew Dawson and Nick Buckley) has established the largest prospective cohort of acute poisoning in the world, The Australian National Poisons Registry and developed treatment guidelines resulting in policy and regulatory changes. Much of their national research is based on detecting early signals of significant drug toxicity and measuring the public health impact of regulatory change.

Translational Research projects, lead by Prof Haber, Prof Conigrave and Dr Morley aim to increase uptake of evidence-based treatment. These projects are funded by NHMRC and NSW Health and include: increasing uptake of evidence-based treatment for alcohol problems in the indigenous community, improving the management of comorbid mental health and substance use with an integrated approach (including a multi-modal training package to several sites across NSW Health LHD's) and a shared care pathway for the treatment of alcohol use disorders in primary care. A/Prof Carolyn Day and Ms Louise Ross also conducted work into evidence-based interventions for tobacco cessation.

Medical Education is a key focus of the Research Unit, which provides opportunities for medical, public health, science, nursing and psychology graduates (Honours, Masters, MPhil and PhD) and contributes to teaching in a range of course at the University of Sydney, including Masters of Public Health, Master of Health Policy, and Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Health Promotion. The Research Unit at DHS is engaged in the placement of overseas trainees/students, teaching/training of GPs and Aboriginal drug and alcohol workers and other clinicians across Australia. Toxicology is delivering a Masters Clinical Toxicology distance learning course and developed and Opensource curriculum.

Opportunities exist to undertake post graduate studies in the areas outlined above, from a basic science, clinical or public health perspective.

Key Achievements

  • Prof Kate Conigrave was appointed as chair of NHMRC Alcohol Working Committee. This committee is responsible for reviewing the Australian drinking guidelines.
  • Prof Kate Conigrave is lead investigator of a team awarded an NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence (CRE): Building Indigenous research capacity to find solutions to alcohol problems' ($2.4m). This CRE was chosen by the NHMRC as its lead story for funding awarded, and Hon Sussan Ley MP, Ken Wyatt MP, and the head of NHMRC (Ann Kelso) attended Sydney to announce its award. It will commence in May 2017.
  • Prof Kate Conigrave was awarded an NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship, 'Working with Indigenous services and communities to reduce the harms from alcohol'. This fellowship, which commences in January 2017, will allow Prof Conigrave to further her work in this field.
  • Prof Nick Buckley appointed Fellow of the American College of Medical Toxicology.
  • Prof Nick Buckley appointed to the NSW Health Medication Safety Expert Advisory Committee.
  • Prof Andrew Dawson appointed Scientific Chair Asia Pacific Association Medical Toxicology. This is the peak regional scientific body for Clinical Toxicologists.
  • Professor Andrew Dawson appointed to Environmental Health Expert Advisory Panel (EHEAP), NSW Environmental Protection.
  • Prof Paul Haber and Dr Kirsten Morley completed one of the largest trials of baclofen in the treatment of alcohol use disorders in the world.
  • Prof Haber and Dr Kirsten Morley awarded Translational Research Grant in the inaugural round by NSW Health. This grant was awarded to implement the Stepped Care model for substance use mental health comorbidity in NSW drug and alcohol treatment services. It will be undertaken at six clinical sites across four LHDs and if successful, will be rolled out state-wide.
  • Dr Kirsten Morley awarded NHMRC TRIP Fellowship ($177,000) 'A shared care pathway for the treatment of alcohol use disorders'.
  • Dr Kirsten Morley awarded NSW Health Translational Research Fellowship ($358,000) 'Improving management of comorbid mental health and substance use with an integrated approach'.
  • The GenomALC study under the leadership of Devanshi Seth and Tim Morgan (USA) achieved key milestones during 2016. The first phase of prospective recruitment for GenomALC study completed in 2016. More than 20 international sites across Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States, finished enrolment. Overall recruitment was 133% (n=6670), more than initial target (n=5000), with prospective enrolment achieving ~84% of the target (n=2088 of 2500) and Sydney contributing 18% of prospective collection.
  • TheGenomALC study signed contract with Erasmus University Medical Centre, Netherlands for performing genotyping. A major and significant advancement was contracting Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam, Netherlands to perform genotyping on our 6670 specimens in 2017. This contract is the most cost-effective deal, saving the study and funding agency (NIAAA) ~US$750,000, in addition to maintaining the integrity of genotyping performed in a timely manner. GenomALC study leaders Seth and Morgan convinced NIH-NIAAA leadership to approve this variation from original protocol.
  • Approval to access the mega-cohort genomic database UK Biobank. Two mega-cohort genomic databases, UK Biobank (500K) and US Million Veteran Program (I million) were identified as validation cohorts for SNPs identified in GenomALC discovery phase. MVP database access is under consideration. The UK Biobank access application, led by Devanshi Seth, was approved. This is a most significant development enabling GenomALC study to confirm SNPs discovery in a large replication sample.
  • International collaborative project Australia India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) led by Assoc Prof Devanshi Seth (Australia) and Prof Shiv Sarin (Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences, India): Study completion and presentation at international meeting. This international study completed successfully and resulted in joint presentation at the international meeting European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), 2016.


  • Prof Nick Buckley and colleagues (Schaffer A, Dobbins T, Banks E, Pearson SA), winners of the MJA / MDA National Research Award for the best research article published in the MJA in 2015 'The crux of the matter: Did the ABC's Catalyst program change statin use in Australia?'
  • Dr Kylie Lee was a finalist (top 4) nomination for Best Docudrama at the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Award for ' Kasippu (alcohol)' a film made in rural Sri Lanka (with University of Peradeniya, South Asian Clinical Toxicology Research Collaboration, Drug Health's Clinical Toxicology Unit, University of Sydney and The Perfect World).
  • Dr Kylie Lee received Merit Award at the International Film Festival for Family, Against Drugs Abuse and Trafficking (Indonesia) for 'Kasippu (alcohol)' a film made in rural Sri Lanka (with University of Peradeniya, South Asian Clinical Toxicology Research Collaboration, Drug Health's Clinical Toxicology Unit, University of Sydney and The Perfect World).

Research Staff


  • Associate Professor Andrew Baillie, Honorary Clinical Psychologist
  • Professor Nicholas Buckley, Clinical Academic
  • Professor Kate Conigrave, Senior Staff Specialist
  • Associate Professor Carolyn Day, Drug and Alcohol Coordinator, Sydney Medical School
  • Professor Andrew Dawson, Senior Staff Specialist
  • Professor Paul Haber, Clinical Director
  • Associate Professor Darren Roberts, Staff Specialist
  • Associate Professor Devanshi Seth, Principal Scientist

Academic staff:

  • Dr Jonathan Brett, Staff Specialist
  • Dr Kenneth Curry, Senior Staff Specialist
  • Dr Richard Hallinan, Staff Specialist
  • Dr Cathy Heyes, Clinician
  • Dr Kylie Lee, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Kirsten Morley, Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Bridin Murnion, Senior Staff Specialist
  • Dr Sharon Reid, Career Medical Officer
  • Dr Bethany White, Postdoctoral Research Associate


  • Ms Ainsley Forneaux-Bate, Research Assistant
  • Ms Isabel Fraser, Research Assistant
  • Ms Pip Hotham, Research Assistant
  • Ms Jessica Hyman, Research Assistant
  • Ms Eva Louie, Research Assistant
  • Ms Khairunnessa Rahman, Research Assistant
  • Ms Louise Ross, Counsellor
  • Ms Ann White, Clinical Nurse Consultant

Higher Degree Students:


  • Mr  Mustafa Al Ansari
  • Ms Basma Al Ansari
  • Dr Jonathan Brett
  • Ms Kerryn Butler
  • Ms Angela Chiew
  • Mr Ben Daniels
  • Mr Kevin Liou
  • Mr Warren Lodge
  • Mr Van Long
  • Ms Eva Louie
  • Ms Sandi Mitchell
  • Mr Colin Page
  • Mr Tim Pianta
  • Mr Smriti Raichand
  • Dr Sharon Reid
  • Ms Andrea Schaffer
  • Thilini Wijerathne


  • Mr Lionel Danko-Swarte
  • Ms Lakmini DeSilva
  • Dr Alon Faingold
  • Ms Pip Hotham
  • Ms Vindya Pathirana
  • Mr Janaka Pushpakumara

Publications and Presentations

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Research Grants

NHMRC/Centre for Research Excellence Conigrave K, Wilson S, Shakeshaft A, Hayman N, Haber P, Lee K, Ivers R, Doran C, Clifford A. A Centre for Research Excellence: Building Indigenous research capacity to find solutions to alcohol problems  $2,495,984.40 2017-2021
NHMRC/Project Grant Guastella A, Haber P, Hermens D, Morley K, Lagopolous J. Oxytocin nasal spray in the treatment of alcohol dependence  $684,000.00 2017-2019
NHMRC/Project Grant Conigrave K, Haber P, Hayman N, Dobbins T, Lee K, Ivers R, Gray D, Johnson D, Wilson S Increasing uptake of evidence-based management of unhealthy alcohol use in Aboriginal primary health care services  $2,252,322.00 2016-2019
NHMRC/Project Grant Haber P, Morley K, Teesson M, Kranzler H, Shanahan M, Trent R, Baillie A, Luquin N, Luquin N Defining the clinical role of topiramate in the treatment of alcohol dependence in Australia  $728,000.00 2016-2019
NSW Health/Research Project Support Grimison P, Haber P, Stockler M, Lintzeris N, Simes R, McGregor I, Olver I, Allsop D, Gedye C, Kirby A RCT evaluating a cannabis extract for secondary prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting  $2,792,269.00 2015-2021
NSW Health Translational Research Grants Haber P, Morley K, Teesson M, Baillie A, Dunlop A, Baker A, Lambkin F, Sannibale C. Improving management of comorbid mental health and substance use with an integrated approach  $677,000.00 2016-2020
NHMRC/Centre of Research  Isbister GK, Buckley NA, DeSilva HJ, Brown SG, Hodgson W, Lalloo D, de Silva A, Dawson AH, Gawarammana I, Graudins A Excellence in Translational venom and antivenom research.  $2,500,000.00 2016-2020
Cancer Institute of NSW  Ross L Focusing on the Carer: a strategy to enhance quit smoking rates among mental health consumers  $145,000.00 2016-2018
NHMRC/Project Grant Conigrave K, Lee K, Room R, Chikritzhs T, Hayman N, Gray D, Wilkes E, Wilson S, Callinan S. Better methods to collect self-report data on alcohol use behaviours from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.  $2,109,615.00 2015-2020
NHMRC/Program Grant Buckley NA, Isbister G, Dawson AH, Roberts M. An integrated research program in human toxicology to ensure rapid translation of results into practice and regulation.  $6,846,000.00 2014-2018
National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), USA Morgan T, Seth D, Day C, Mathurin P, Haber P, Whitfield J, Seitz H, Nalpas B and the GenomALC Consortium Genetic risk factors for alcoholic cirrhosis - genome-wide case control study   USD 2,500,000  2011-2017
Australia India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) Seth D, Gamble J, Haber P, McCaughan G (Australian team); Sarin S, Trehanpati N, Kaur S (Indian team) The immunomodulatory and angiogenic role of bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cells in chronic liver disease  $300,000.00 2013-2016

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