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Contact Details

  Street address:
Level 11, KGV Building
Missenden Road
Postal address:
Post Office Box M30
Missenden Road NSW 2050

Phone: (02) 9515-6111
Fax: (02) 9515-9610

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Emergency Department

Our Research

The Emergency Department continues to build on work from previous years, with an emphasis on academic excellence, improved performance and improved patient outcomes. The focus of research includes the epidemiology of emergency department utilisation, trauma management, mental health and innovative models of care.

Research 2015-2017: Emergency Department demand modeling using state-wide data and model of care intervention studies in trauma. There are also ongoing active collaborations with The George Institute for Global Health and the University of Sydney for a prediction modelling study called the Sydney Triage Admission Risk Tool (START) project.

Key Achievements

  • Ten publications in peer reviewed journals in 2016

Research Staff

  • Michael Dinh - Research lead
  • Tim Wand - Mental Health Research
  • Dane Chalkley - DESTINY and START
  • Anja Ebker-White - START project manager
  • Mat Oliver - Trauma Research and START
  • Kendall Bein - DESTINY and START

Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:
  1. Dinh MM1,2, Berendsen Russell S1,3, Bein KJ1, Chalkley D1, Muscatello D4, Paoloni R2, Ivers R5,6 Understanding drivers of Demand for Emergency Service Trends in Years 2010-2014 in New South Wales: An initial overview of the DESTINY project. Emerg Med Australas. 2016 Feb 3. doi: 10.1111/1742-6723.12542. [Epub ahead of print]
  2. Dinh MM1,2, Bein KJ1. The end of emergency medicine as we know it. Emerg Med Australas. 2016 Jan 17. doi: 10.1111/1742-6723.12540. [Epub ahead of print]
  3. Dinh MM1, Berendsen Russell S2, Bein KJ3, Chalkley DR3, Muscatello D4, Paoloni R5, Ivers R6. Statewide retrospective study of low acuity emergency presentations in New South Wales, Australia: who, what, where and why? BMJ Open. 2016 May 10;6(5):e010964. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2015-010964.
  4. Dinh MM, Muecke S, Berendsen Russell S, Chalkley D, Bein KJ, Muscatello D, Nagaraj G, Paoloni R, Ivers R. Demand for Emergency Services Trends in New South Wales Years 2010-2014 (DESTINY): Age and Clinical Factors Associated with Ambulance Transportation to Emergency Departments. Prehosp Emerg Care. 2016 May 23:1-7. [Epub ahead of print]
  5. Dinh MM1,2, Berendsen Russell S1,3, Bein KJ1, Chalkley D1, Muscatello D4, Paoloni R2, Ivers R5,6. Trends and characteristics of short-term and frequent representations to emergency departments: A population-based study from New South Wales, Australia. Emerg Med Australas. 2016 Jun;28(3):307-12. doi: 10.1111/1742-6723.12582. Epub 2016 May 5.
  6. Dinh M, Wu J, Ivers R. Has there been a shift in assault presentations to lockout law exclusion areas? Emergency Medicine Australasia 2016 Published online July 2016
  7. Dinh MM, Bein K, Ivers R et al. Age and injury severity related trends in emergency department presentations. Implications for injury surveillance and models of care. Injury accepted September 2016
  8. Bein KJ, Dinh MM et al. Hourly Emergency Activity Tracking HEAT maps Emergency Medicine Australasia Accepted October 2016 awaiting publication
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  12. Whitlam G, Dinh MM, Rogers C, Muscatello D et al. Diagnosis-based emergency department alcohol harm surveillance: What can it tell us about acute alcohol harms at the population level? Drug and Alcohol Review 2016 DOI: 10.1111/dar.12458
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  14. Nash. E, Hespe, C. and Chalkley, D. 'A retrospective audit of referral letter quality from general practice to an inner-city emergency department.' Emerg Med Australas 2016 Jun;28(3) 313-318

Contact details for department

Head of Department: Dr Tim Green

Department/Unit: Emergency Department
RPA Hospital
Missenden Road
Camperdown NSW 2050
Telephone: (02) 9515 0010
Facsimile: (02) 9515 9610
Web: www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/research/
Email: michael.dinh@health.nsw.gov.au