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  Street address:
Level 11, KGV Building
Missenden Road
Postal address:
Post Office Box M30
Missenden Road NSW 2050

Phone: (02) 9515-6111
Fax: (02) 9515-9610

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Health Promotion Unit

Health Promotion Unit

Our Research

Guided by evidence-based health promotion principals we have continued to draw on available evidence about what works to inform the development of the health promotion programs. Where evidence is lacking we are committed to trialling and evaluating new approaches to build evidence for what works.

Over the past year we have strengthened our research capability through research collaboration, which led to a number of peer reviewed publications in national and international journals. A highlight of our role in health promotion research includes successful application for the NSW Translational Research Grants. The project is titled 'translating research evidence from the Healthy Beginnings Trial to prevent childhood obesity at the beginning of life: feasibility, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness'.

We will continue to invest in strengthening and expanding working relationships with universities and key research institutes across the state to generate evidence and to inform evidence based health promotion practice.

Key Achievements

A successful application for the NSW Translational Research Grants. The project is titled 'translating research evidence from the Healthy Beginnings Trial to prevent childhood obesity at the beginning of life: feasibility, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness'. This is a partnership project with participating partners from the Sydney, South Eastern Sydney, South Western Sydney and Southern NSW Local Health Districts,

Research Staff

  • A/Prof Li Ming Wen, Research Manager
  • Dr Greer Bennet, Research Co-ordinator
  • Sarah Taki, Senior Research Officer
  • Huilan Xu, Research Officer

Higher Degree Students:


  • Huilan Xu
  • Nick Petrunoff
  • Jing Zhao
  • Gyambo Sithey
  • Kanita Kunaratnam
  • Carina Hickling
  • Kristen Beek

Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:
  1. Wen LM, Rissel C, Baur LA, Hayes A, Xu H, Whelan A, Hua M, Shaw M, Phongsavan P. A 3-arm randomised controlled trial of communicating Healthy Beginnings advice by telephone (CHAT) to mothers with infants to prevent childhood obesity. BMC Public Health 2017; 17:79. Available at: URL: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/17/79
  2. Wen LM, Rissel C, He GS. Editorial. The Effect of Early Life Factors and Early Interventions on Childhood Overweight and Obesity. Journal of Obesity Volume 2017 (2017), Article ID 3642818, 3. https://doi.org/10.1155/2017/3642818
  3. Petrunoff N, Rissel C, Wen LM. 'If You Don't Do Parking Management .. Forget Your Behaviour Change, It's Not Going to Work.': Health and Transport Practitioner Perspectives on Workplace Active Travel Promotion. PLoS One. 2017 Jan 30;12(1):e0170064. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0170064
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  6. Xu, H., Wen, L., Hardy, L., Rissel, C. (2016). A 5-year longitudinal analysis of modifiable predictors for outdoor play and screen-time of 2- to 5-year-olds. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 13(1), 1-9
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  14. Taki S, Lymer S, Russell CG, Campbell K, Laws R, Ong KL, Elliott R, Denney-Wilson E Assessing user engagement of a mHeath intervention: development and implementation of the Growing healthy app Engagement. Accepted for publication in JMIR Mhealth Uhealth March 2017, doi:10.2196/mhealth.7236

  1. Wen LM. presentation titled 'Obesity in young children: what can we do about it? ' National Health Promotion Conference 2016
  2. Jeni Bindon. Connecting the dots to create supportive environments for active travel and workplaces. National Health Promotion Conference 2016
  3. Wei Jiang. Common Ground Community Kitchen. National Health Promotion Conference 2016
  4. W Bonnefin A, Venchiarutti R, Foley B, Shrewsbury V, Shah S.Improved health behaviours and intentions in secondary school students: the salsa programme. National Health Promotion Conference 2016

Research Grants

University of Sydney Bridging Support Grant 2016 A/Prof Li Ming Wen Preventing early onset of childhood obesity using telephone coaching with SMS  $ 30,000.00 2016-2017
NSW TRG A/Prof Li Ming Wen Translating research evidence from the Healthy Beginnings Trial to prevent childhood obesity at the beginning of life: a four-arm randomised controlled trial’ (TRGS Application Number: 200)  $850,000.00 2016-2018

Contact details for department

Head of Department: Associate Professor Li Ming Wen

Department/Unit: Health Promotion Unit
RPA Hospital
Missenden Road
Camperdown NSW 2050
Telephone: (02) 9515 9055
Facsimile: (02) 9515 9056
Web: www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/research/
Email: LiMing.Wen@health.nsw.gov.au