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Level 11, KGV Building
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Phone: (02) 9515-6111
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Our Research

Associate Professor Armin (Mohamed) Nikpour MBBS (Hons), FRACP, BSc (Math) is a neurologist specialising in the management of epilepsy. He is the Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Service at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and University of Sydney. He is also a specialist in Positron Emission Tomography.

A/Professor Nikpour is recognised for his expertise in epilepsy management, particularly imaging and surgical planning. His research involves the use of mathematical and engineering techniques to detect seizures and develop new methods for recording brain waves. His other research interests include the detection and treatment of mood disorders and memory problems that often accompany epilepsy. He has also investigated novel radioligands for the imaging of the brain.
As Head of the Epilepsy Unit, A/Professor Nikpour has developed close collaborations with other specialties including physics, engineering, psychology and neuropsychology.
Professor Matthew Kiernan leads the ForeFront Frontotemporal Dementia and Motor Neurodegeration Syndrome Program. The team's work is focused on clinical neurology, in particular disease pathophysiology and treatment strategies for neurological disorders.
The team are currently investigating the mechanisms and possible prevention of neurodegeneration in frontotemporal dementia, motor neurone disease, Kennedy's disease, chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicity, stroke, Machado-Joseph disease, spinal muscular atrophy and other inherited neuropathies.
As the Bushell Professor of Neurology, Professor Matthew Kiernan is dually located at the University of Sydney's, Brain and Mind Research Institute and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Professor Kiernan is also the Co -Director of the Brain and Mind Centre - Discovery and Translation.
Professor Kiernan provides academic leadership in neurology and promotes partnerships between researchers and healthcare practitioners to optimise the translation of research into improved healthcare practice and policy.
ForeFront is the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital's multidisciplinary Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) clinic located in the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre.
Motor neurone disease (MND) is a rapidly progressing neurodegenerative disorder that is universally fatal. MND causes the nerves and muscles to atrophy leading to paralysis. The recent discovery of the C9orf72 gene's relevance to MND and FTD has revealed further links between the two syndromes.
The ForeFront clinic offers diagnostic assessments for patients with suspected motor neurone disease or frontotemporal dementia and multidisciplinary symptom management for patients diagnosed with motor neurone disease.
Our diagnostic team are able to perform traditional neurophysiology including electromyography and nerve conduction studies, as well as novel procedures such as nerve and muscle ultrasound, peripheral nerve excitability and transcranial magnetic stimulation.
For patients diagnosed with motor neurone disease the clinic provides multidisciplinary assessment, care plans and ongoing support along with the opportunity to participate in research projects including clinical trials.
The integration of research programs with the clinic enables our research to be driven by an understanding of the needs of primary and allied carers, patients and their families. This integration also facilitates the translation of research outcomes into improved healthcare practice and policy.
Professor Craig Anderson leads dynamic teams at The George Institute for Global Health, a world-class medical research institute, whose mission is to develop clinical practice and health policy for major chronic diseases and injury by conducting collaborative national and international multicentre clinical trials and population research. Craig Anderson is an international authority on the causes, treatment and management of stroke, and other aspects of cardiovascular disease. As a clinician-scientist, with specialist qualifications in two branches of internal medicine (neurology and geriatrics), as well as in public health and epidemiology, he has combined continuous clinical practice with conceiving, designing and conducting innovative large-scale, collaborative, inter-disciplinary, epidemiological and clinical trials research for the last 30 years. He has published widely in the above-named areas as well as on disability and chronic illness related to ageing, developed national clinical guidelines, and provided leadership to a range of large research groups and multi-national projects. He is as one of the world's leading clinical stroke trialists.
Professor David Burke:
  1. Reflex function in motor neurone disease, a study of interneuronal function in this disorder, with a view to determining whether spinal cord neurones in addition to motoneurones are involved. If so, this may have pathophysiological implications.
  2. Excitability of peripheral nerve axons in genetic channelopathies underlying episodic ataxia and epilepsy. These studies could provide surrogate markers of the response to treatment.
Associate Professor Michael Barnett CIA Michael Barnett (MBBS Hons 1, PhD, FRACP) is Associate Professor of Neurology at the Brain and Mind Centre (Sydney) and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He is the Director of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clinic and the MS Clinical Trials Unit at the Brain and Mind Centre, and co-director of the MS Research Australia Brain Bank. 
A/Prof Barnett has delivered over 30 national and international invited lectures in the last 5 years, including keynote addresses at major international (such as PACTRIMS) and national (such as ANZAN) conferences - speaking across clinical, neuropathology and neuroimaging domains in multiple sclerosis. He is an active member of the MSRA clinical trials network committee, the MSRA Grant Review Committee, and a member of the scientific committee for PACTRIMS (Pan-Asian Committee for Treatment and Research in MS), responsible for assembly/organisation of the annual academic program.   He has been an ad-hoc reviewer for major international journals in neurology including Lancet Neurology, Annals of Neurology, J Neurol Neurosurg Psych, Multiple Sclerosis, J Neuropath Exp Neur and J Clin Neurosci.   He has chaired MS program sessions, sat on expert panels and been a member of program committees for several national and international Neurology conferences over the last 5 years. He convened the first neuroimaging course for Neurology Advanced Trainees at the Brain and Mind Centre in 2013; in 2014, this course has been brought under the ANZAN banner and combined with a new Neuropathology Course under the direction of Barnett and A/Prof Michael Buckland; and is now a compulsory course for advanced trainees in Neurology. 
A/Prof Barnett is the primary supervisor MS/Neuroimmunology Fellow (based at the Brain and Mind Centre/RPAH, externally funded through end 2017), three PhD students (commenced 2014/2016, all in Neuroimaging), and two Honours students.
At a community level, the multiple sclerosis clinic at the Brain and Mind Centre has linearly expanded under his directorship and now offers an externally funded state-of-the-art multidisciplinary "one-stop" service co-located in the Brain and Mind Centre with the MS clinical trials unit. The clinic, which is 'staffed' by 6 MS neurologists, an MS Fellow, advanced trainees from RPAH, medical students, 2 MS nurse specialists, a continence advisor and physiotherapist, is the largest and only University-based MS clinic in NSW and has become a tertiary referral centre which accepts patients from across NSW (and beyond). Integration with the MS clinical research program has been highly successful. In 2011, infrastructure for telemedicine teaching clinics in multiple sclerosis was integrated into the clinic and the first node in this 'hub and spoke' model has been recently installed at the School of Rural Health in Dubbo.
Contact Details:
RPA Department of Neurology
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Missenden Road
Camperdown NSW 2050
Phone Number: (02) 9515-7565
Fax Number: (02) 9515-9610
Brain and Mind Centre
Level 4, 94 Mallett St
Camperdown NSW 2050
Phone Number: (02) 9114-4250
Fax Number: (02) 9114-4254

Key Achievements

Professor Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson continues to lead a sustained program of large-scale international clinical trials and population research with the specific aim of generating reliable evidence to inform health care providers and policy makers in Australia and overseas, in their decisions regarding the optimal strategies for the prevention and treatment of stroke and other aspects of cardiovascular disease (CVD). This research program uniquely links clinical medicine and public health, involves multidisciplinary teams in over 20 countries.

Professor David Burke

  1. Studies of reflex function in motor neurone disease are on-going.
  2. We have found abnormalities in peripheral nerve axons in diseases of the central nervous system (episodic ataxia and a benign form of epilepsy) with documented ion channel mutations, and studies in other forms of epilepsy are on-going.
  3. We have developed a new technique for documenting the function of specific channels (so-called HCN channels) in human peripheral nerve. In the central nervous system, these channels may be involved in epilepsy, and in the peripheral nerve, they may be involved in pain.


Professor Craig Anderson

  • Asia Pacific Stroke Organisation - Leadership and Guidance in Stroke as President of APSO

Professor Matthew Kiernan

  • M J Eadie Award by the Australian & New Zealand Association of Neurologists for Career Achievement in Neuroscience.

Dr Rebekah Ahmed

  • Susie Harris Travelling Fellowship: MND Research Institute of Australia
  • James Lance Young Investigator Award, Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurology

Dr Nidhi Garg

  • NHMRC/MNDRIA co-funded postgraduate award 2016-2017

Dr Thanuja Dharmadasa

  • Australian Postgraduate Award, University of Sydney
  • MNDRIA PhD top-up Grant 2016-2018
  • Rotary Club of Cronulla Funding Partner Scholarship, Australian Rotary Health
  • Top up award from the Yugilbar Foundation (2016-2019)
  • PhD Top up award from Rotary (2016-2019)

Research Staff

  • Associate Professor Armin Nikpour
  • Professor Matthew Kiernan (Group leader)
  • Dr Rebekah Ahmed (Neurologist, PhD student)
  • Dr Emma Devenney (Neurologist, PhD student)
  • Dr Susanna Park (Senior Lecturer)
  • Dr Tim Howells (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  • Jashelle Caga (Health Psychologist, PhD Student)
  • Dr Michael Lee (Neurophysiologist & Physiotherapist, Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  • Dr William Huynh (Neurologist, Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  • Dr Nidhi Garg (Neurologist, PhD Student)
  • Dr Thanuja Dharmadasa (Neurologist, PhD Student)
  • Dr Emily Mathey (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Margie Zoing (MND CNC)
  • Dr Yoshimitsu Shimatani (Neurologist, Japanese visiting researcher)
  • Dr Yuichi Noto (Neurologist, Japanese visiting researcher)
  • Dr Jose Mattamala Capponi (Neurologist, Chilean visiting researcher)
  • Hannah Timmins (Research Assistant)
  • Elizabeth Highton-Williamson (Research Assistant)
  • Tiffany Li (Research Assistant)
  • Nicollette Thornton (Research Assistant)
  • Eleanor Ramsey (Research Coordinator)
  • Associate Professor Cindy Lin
  • Dr Anne Hogden (Occupational Therapist, Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  • Professor Craig Anderson
  • Professor David Burke
  • Dr Susan Tomlinson (Senior Lecturer, USyd, neurologist)
  • Dr James Howells (Bill Gole Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Associate Professor Michael Barnett

Higher Degree Students:


  • Dr Yi-Ching Lee
  • Ms Harriet Swearman
  • Dr Sully Fuentes
  • Dr Susanne Grewe
  • Dr Edward Chan - MD/MPhil joint degree
  • Dr Anubhav Saxena - MD/MPhil joint degree
  • Dr Xia Wang
  • Dr Paula Muñoz-Venturelli 
  • Ms Danni Zheng
  • Ms Xiaoying Chen
  • Dr Zeljka Calic
  • Ms Jashelle Caga
  • Ms Elizabeth Highton-Williamson
  • Ms Hannah Timmins
  • Dr Emma Devenney
  • Dr Thanuja Dharmadasa
  • Dr Nidhi Garg
  • Dr Rebekah Ahmed
  • Dr Emma Devenney
  • A/Prof Yahya Shehabi
  • Ms N Kwai
  • Dr Tim Eviston
  • Dr Nimeshan Geevasinga
  • 2016-   Dr Joshua Barton. The visual system in MS.
  • 2014-   Dr Heidi Beadnall (MSRA Scholarship). Measuring brain atrophy in Multiple Sclerosis with using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) techniques in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in clinical practice: , with a focus on its correlation with disability and cognition.
  • 2014-   Chen-yu Wang (APA Scholarship). Elucidating the relationship between the progression of regional grey matter atrophy and the spatiotemporal white matter lesion patterns in patients with multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal study.
  • 2013-   Dr Mahtab Ghadiri (recipient of the BMC-McGill Scholarship; based at McGill University 2014/2015)


  • Dr Emily Cheung, MPhil student
  • Dr David Ho, MPhil student
  • Mr Harry Irvine,MPhil student

Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:

Associate Professor Armin Nikpour:

  1.  Lechowicz, Meryn; Miller, Laurie; Irish, Muireann; Addis, Donna Rose; Mohamed, Armin; Lah, Suncica; Imagining future events in patients with unilateral temporal lobe epilepsy. British Journal of Clinical Psychology. 2016.
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  4. Berriman, Joanne; Stevenson, Richard J; Thayer, Zoe C; Thompson, Elizabeth; Mohamed, Armin; Watson, John DG; Miller, Laurie A; Testing the importance of the Medial Temporal Lobes in human interoception: Does it matter if there is a memory component to the task? Neuropsychologia. 2016; 91:371-379.

Professor Matthew Kiernan

  1. Van den Bos MA, Geevasinga N, Menon P, Burke D, Kiernan MC, Vucic S (2016); Physiological processes influencing motor evoked potential duration with voluntary contraction; J Neurophysiol. 2016 Dec 28: jn.00832.2016. doi: 10.1152/jn.00832.2016.
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Associate Professor Michael Barnett:
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ECTRIMS 2016 - accepted abstracts
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  2. Individual response to disease modifying therapies: A global observational cohort study
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  4. Anti-inflammatory disease modifying treatment does not attenuate disability progression in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
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Research Grants




YEARS total $$



Prof Matthew Kiernan

Bushell Chair Fund



National Health & Medical Research Council NH&MRC

Prof Matthew Kiernan

Frontotemporal dementia and motor neurodegenerative syndromes Program Grant # 1037746



DVC Research/Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme

Huynh W, Kiernan M

Motor Neuron Disease: A multidisciplinary approach to unravel the clinical phenotypes, and to improve diagnosis and management outcomes.



NHMRC/Project Grant

Park S, Krishnan A, Goldstein D, Friedlander M, Lin C, Kwok J, Boyle F, Horvath L, Haas M, Barnes E

Long Term Nerve Damage in Cancer Survivors: identification of risk factors & Optimal Assessment Strategies


2015- 2019

Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia

Dr James Howells

Bill Gole Fellowship



Dementia Team Grant

Prof Glenda Halliday et al

Dementia Team Grant, Non-Alzheimer’s disease degenerative dementias: identifying prodromal genetic/familial phenotypes, modifying factors, and protein variants involved in progression

 $ 6,449,246


National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)/Project Grants

Kiernan M, Lin C, Pollard J, Mathey E, Park S, Vucic S

Nodal Function in Peripheral Neuroinflammatory Disorders Target Antigens, Functional Significance and Treatment Response


2016- 2019

Motor Neuron Research Institute of Australia

Park S, Kiernan M, Fulham M, Ahmed RM, Hunyh W, Rowe D

In vivo markers of ALS disease activity – linking metabolic and neurophysiological  approaches

 $ 100,000


Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia/Grants in aid

Park S, Kiernan M, Fulham M, Ahmed R, Huynh W, Rowe D

In vivo markers of ALS disease activity – linking structure to function



Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre and Genzme-Sanofi

Michael Barnett

Vision in Multiple Sclerosis



Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre and Novartis Australia

Michael Barnett

Optic Radiation in Multiple Sclerosis

 $ 501,074


Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre and Biogen

Michael Barnett

Cortical Function in Multiple Sclerosis

 $ 575,000


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