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Phone: (02) 9515-6111
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Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology

Our Research

Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology staff are involved in a wide variety of research projects investigating the precursor lesions, pathogenesis, histopathology, molecular pathology and prognostic/predictive biomarkers in many human diseases. Key areas of active research involve a major focus on molecular oncology - developing new approaches to diagnosing and predicting the behaviour of a range of cancers, including melanoma, lung, prostate and head & neck cancer, as well as predictive markers for targeted therapies.

Key Achievements

  • Record number (71) of peer-reviewed journal articles authored or co-authored by staff from Department of Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology, RPAH, with numerous on and off campus collaborators (e.g. Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, Melanoma Institute of Australia, Garvan Institute, amongst others).
  • Professor Richard Scolyer received the prestigious RPAH Foundation Research Medal
  • Professor Richard Scolyer became highest ever published scientist in world melanoma pathology with highest H index in field (according to Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Knowledge) in 2016.
  • Staff specialists from Tissue Pathology (Drs Kench, Scolyer, McKenzie, Cooper, Mahar, Gupta) invited to contribute to contribute to key international publications by WHO, AJCC and ICCR.


  • Scolyer, R. 2016 Award Foundation Research Medal and Prize. Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Scolyer, R. 2016 Premiers Wildfire Award, most cited article published in 2013: Long GV,Wilmott JS et al (Richard Scolyer senior author), Am J Surg Pathol 2013 - Cancer Institute NSW
  • Cooper W. Commendation award. Abstract mini-oral and poster presentation. 'Comparison of PD-L1 expression in NSCLC using 3 different antibody clones'. IAP Australasia, 40th Annual Scientific Meeting 2016.
  • Gupta R. First prize at the International Federation of Head and Neck Oncology (IFHNOS), Seattle, USA: PD-L1 Expression Predicts Improved Disease Free Survival in High Risk Head and Neck Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Roper E, Lum T, Palme CE, Ashford B, Ch'ng S, Ranson M, Boyer M, Clark JR, Gupta R 2016
  • Gupta R. Best paper published in the Journal of Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology: Diagnostic and prognostic utility of Mastermind-like 2 (MAML2) gene rearrangement detection by fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) in mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the salivary glands. Luk PP, Wykes J, Selinger CI, Ekmejian R, Tay J, Gao K, Eviston TJ, Lum T, O'Toole SA, Clark JR, Gupta R. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol. 2016 May;121(5):530-41.
  • Gupta R. Best proffered paper at the Australia New Zealand Head and Neck Cancer Society and IFHNOS World Tour Meeting: Somatic mutations in salivary duct carcinoma and potential therapeutic targets. Khoo TK, Yu B, Smith J, Clarke AJ, Luk PP, Selinger CI, Mahon KL, Kraitsek S, Palme C, Boyer MJ, Dinger ME, Cowley MJ, O'Toole SA, Clark JR, Gupta R. Auckland 2016

Research Staff

  • Postdoctoral research fellow, Dr James Wilmott.
  • Postdoctoral research fellow, Dr Camelia Quek.
  • Clinical Trial and Laboratory Research Assistant, Rebecca Dent.
  • Pathology Fellow, Dr Louise Jackett.
  • Pathology Fellow, Dr Robert Rawson.
  • Clinical Trial and Laboratory Research Assistant, Paula Ordonez.
  • Laboratory Research Assistant, Keshia Bastians.
  • Laboratory Research Assistant, Jarem Edwards.
  • Laboratory Research Assistant, Jason Madore.
  • Laboratory Research Assistant, Ping Shang.

Higher Degree Students:


  • Rajat Rai
  • Tuba Nur Gurde
  • Hansol Lee
  • Bruce Ashford

Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:
  1. Kalsbeek AM, Chan EF, Grogan J, Petersen DC, Jaratlerdsiri W, Gupta R, Lyons RJ, Haynes AM, Horvath LG, Kench JG, Stricker PD, Hayes VM. Mutational load of the mitochondrial genome predicts pathological features and biochemical recurrence in prostate cancer. Aging 2016; 8:2702-2712
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Research Grants

NHMRC Project Grant Evans S, Neale R, Zalcberg J, Goldstein D, Green S, Merrett N, Kench J, White K Optimising care for patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer: a prospective cohort study   $1,587,107 2017-21
NHRMC Equipment Grant Scolyer RA NanoString nCounter SPRINT Profiler System for Shared Use in the Open Access, Multi-User, Bosch Molecular Biology Facility   $199,000 2016
NHMRC Program Grant Kefford RF, Thompson JF, Hersey P, Mann GJ, Scolyer RA, Haywood N, Long GV Molecular determinants of risk, progression and treatment response in melanoma   $14,663,120 2016-20
Australia New Zealand Head and Neck Cancer Society  Catherine Zilberg, Bruce Ashford, Marie Ranson, Jonathan Clark, Ruta Gupta.  Analysis of Clinically Relevant Somatic Mutations in High Risk Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma  $20,000 2016
Australia New Zealand Head and Neck Cancer Society  Tharsiga Gunasekran, Bruce Ashford, Ruta Gupta, Jonathan Clark, Marie Ranson.  Nanostring RNA analysis of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma  $20,000 2016

Contact details for department

Head of Department: Clinical Professor James Kench

Department/Unit: Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology
RPA Hospital
Missenden Road
Camperdown NSW 2050
Telephone: (02) 9515 7458
Facsimile: (02) 9515 8405
Web: www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/research/
Email: james.kench@health.nsw.gov.au