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  Street address:
Level 11, KGV Building
Missenden Road
Postal address:
Post Office Box M30
Missenden Road NSW 2050

Phone: (02) 9515-6111
Fax: (02) 9515-9610

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Vascular Surgery

Our Research

Projects to look at outcomes after a range of vascular surgical interventions and services:

  1. Epidemiology and outcomes after vascular surgery in older patients: linked data analysis, systematic reviews, clinical trials.
  2. Phenomenological exploration of the experience of major amputation in patients with peripheral vascular disease.
  3. Patient recruitment for Brief intervention with psychology for claudication (BIP).
  4. Patient recruitment for the PRESERVE Trial - renal prophylaxis for IV contrast.
  5. Medical education projects: virtual anatomy teaching, point of care ultrasound course for JMOs, teaching doctors how to teach course.
  6. Audit of surgical prophylaxis antimicrobials in MRSA positive vascular patients
  7. Qualitative evaluation of Vascular Wound Clinic.
  8. Mixed methods study on frailty and critical limb ischaemia

Key Achievements

  • Strong collaborative links with the University of Sydney in multiple projects.
  • Inter-departmental cooperation for research with Infectious Disease, Haematology and Renal Medicine.
  • Publication along with presentations at national and international meetings.


  • American Society for Vascular Nursing Prize for Best Wound Care paper at 2017 meeting
  • Australian and New Zealand Society of Vascular Nursing Prize for Best Paper at 2016 Meeting
  • SLHD Nursing and Midwifery Research Symposium 2016 Highly commended first time presenter
  • CRGH Research Travel Grant

Research Staff

  • Dr Sarah Aitkin Senior, Lecturer
  • A/Prof Anthony Freeman
  • Susan Monaro, Clinical Lecturer

Higher Degree Students:


  • Dr Sarah Aitkin
  • Susan Monaro


  • Oh Sung Choy
  • Alasdair Bezzina

Publications and Presentations

Publication Details:
  1. Gullick, J., Monaro, S., & Stewart, G. Compartmentalising time and space: A phenomenological interpretation of the temporal experience of commencing haemodialysis. Journal of Clinical Nursing. 2016
  2. Monaro, S., Gullick, J., & West, S.  An Integrative Review of Health-Related Quality of Life in patients with Critical Limb Ischaemia. Journal of Clinical Nursing. 2016a
  3. Monaro, S., Gullick, J., & West, S. Patient outcomes following lower leg major amputations for peripheral arterial disease: A series review. Journal of Vascular Nursing. 2016b (in press)
  4. Freeman, A. Vascular Challenges. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Surgery. 2017; 1:11-12

  1. Monaro, S., Ko, N., Pinkova, J., Stomsmoe, N. & Gullick, J. 2017 Using qualitative data to demonstrate patient outcomes in a vascular wound clinic. Paper presented at the Society for Vascular Nursing, Nashville, Tennessee.
  2. Monaro, S., Gullick, J., & West, S. 2016b An Integrative Review to develop a better understanding of the experience of Chronic Critical Limb Ischaemia as a basis for improving discussions with patients and families. Paper presented at the Society for Vascular Nursing, Orlando, Florida.
  3. Monaro, S., Gullick, J., & West, S. 2016a Are PAD HRQoL tools appropriate to use in patients with CCLI: An Integrative Review. Paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Society of Vascular Nursing, Sydney.
  4. Monaro, S., Ko, N., Pinkova, J., Stomsmoe, N., & Gullick, J. 2016. Mixed methods research to capture patient outcomes in a Vascular Wound Clinic. Paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Society for Vascular Nursing, Sydney.

Research Grants

ANZSVN Sue Monaro Qualitative study of complex wounds  $1,500 2016
CRGH Research Travel Grant  Sue Monaro Integrative review of HRQoL in CLI  $2,000 2016

Contact details for department

Head of Department: Associate Professor Anthony Freeman

Department/Unit: Vascular Surgery
Concord Hospital
Hospital Road
Concord NSW 2139
Telephone: (02) 9767 7797
Facsimile: (02) 9767 6991
Web: www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/research/
Email: sue.monaro@health.nsw.gov.au