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Youth Block

Our Research

Youthblock is conducting a Youth health needs assessment and evaluation of Youthblock Youth Health service clients. Youth Health is one important aspect in health care as the health and wellbeing of young people not only affects their immediate quality of life and productivity but in a broader sense will also shape future health of the whole population. The Young Australian: their health and wellbeing 2011 report on young people aged 12-24 years showed that the majority of young people rate their health as 'good', 'very good' or 'excellent'. However the report also showed that there are still many areas in youth health that need to be worked on.

The aim of this report is to inform the health service of the needs of the young people living in the SLHD by describing the demographic features and the indicators affecting the health of the youth population, including population number, education, social capital, crime, and health status indicators. An audit of the clients newly registered in 2013 has been undertaken to inform the health service of the demographic characteristics of the Youthblock clients, their reason for presenting, evaluate the services offered to the clients and factors affecting the health of the Youthblock clients. The result will inform the health service of the needs of the Youthblock clients and will identify the needs of the clients not currently met by the services offered at Youthblock Youth Health Service. It will also be used to inform the SLHD Youth Health plan 2016-2021.

Youthblock coordinated a survey of youth health workers in regard to young people and domestic violence across six Local Health Districts (LHD's). The LHD's involved include Sydney LHD, South Eastern Sydney LHD, Central Coast LHD, Northern LHD, South Western LHD and Western LHD. Phase two of the project is a Domestic Violence snapshot will be run over a one month period using the NSW Health Screening for Domestic Violence tool in November 2016. The aim of the snapshot is to get a true indication of the prevalence of domestic violence amongst young people aged 12 -24 years attending LHD lead youth health services and to ascertain whether there is a need for youth Health services to mandatorily screen all young people over 16years that attend their services. It will also give an indication of whether there is a need to have a youth specific screening for domestic violence tool.

Youthblock is producing a report/poster on the basic demographics of the young students that attend the Marrickville Intensive English Centre (IEC). These young people are from overseas and are attending the IEC to improve their English written and verbal skills prior to entering further education. The majority of these young people do not have access to Medicare and so do not access health care.

Youthblock Youth Health nurses attend the IEC each term to provide basic health checks for these young people. The report will give an overview of the basic demographics of these clients.

Youthblock is collecting data on the basic demographics of the young people that live in Youth refuges across Sydney LHD that are accessing Youthblock nursing outreach clinics. These young people are homeless or at risk or homelessness or under the Out of Home Care Pathway.

Youthblock Youth Health nurses attend the Youth refuges on a regular basis for booked appointments. A report will be produced which will give an indication of the health needs of these young people.

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Head of Department: Ms Tracey Brown

Department/Unit: Youth Block
Youth Block
288 Abercrombie St
Redfern NSW 2016
Telephone: (02) 9515 6344
Facsimile: (02) 9515 4444
Web: www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/research/
Email: sue.amanatidis@health.nsw.gov.au