Data Management Tools

Data Management and Bio-Statistical Support

There are many different tools available to manage the collection of data. Many require specialised knowledge and programing skills or significant resources to purchase development time for research databases.

The SLHD, through its Clinical Research Centre, has made the REDCap software available for research staff.

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a web-based data capture and data management software tool designed for research purposes. It will replace much of the ad-hoc use of Excel, Microsoft Word and Access and other limited data management tools currently available to SLHD researchers.



  • is a non-commercial tool and available free for research purposes for SLHD researchers

  • is a high quality data management tool,  with high functionality

  • is easy to use both for new  and experienced researchers

  • provides a secure data management solution to over 500 researchers in the district

Data collected by REDCap is stored on servers in the SLHD data centre. Data is secured, and back-up, privacy and confidentiality considerations are protected by standard ICT practices.  REDCap is highly stable with low maintenance and support requirements.

Researchers can access REDCap via the following which can also be found on the Intranet under the ‘Research’ tab.


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