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Your Healthcare

Rights and Responsibilities:

A guide for patients, carers and families

A very warm welcome to the hospitals and facilities within the Sydney Local Health District.

Everyone seeking or receiving healthcare has certain Rights and Responsibilities.

You have a fundamental right to health care that is respectful, responsive, safe and effective.

Health care professionals have a duty of care to treat you respectfully, listen to your concerns, answer your questions clearly and honestly and inform and educate you about your health.

Doctors, nurses, allied health staff and all our employees should respect you. Showing them respect in return makes for a more satisfying health care experience, both for you and those who treat and care for you.

Patients also have responsibilities. We ask you to provide your treating team with all relevant health information, including your medical history and medications you are currently taking. You must also advise staff of any changes in your condition or if you have any concerns with your treatment.

Everyone has an important role in achieving healthcare Rights and Responsibilities and this contributes to safe, high quality and effective care. Genuine partnerships between our patients receiving care and our staff providing it assists in providing you with the best care possible.

Our Hospitals/Facilities with the Sydney Local Health District have a process that enables patients to provide comments about the quality of health care they receive, including complaints and compliments. You can learn more about your Rights and Responsibilities by contacting a staff member on your ward.

Your feedback in relation to a complaint or compliment can be logged by visiting the ‘Have Your Say’ tab or you can email us on: 


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