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Nursing Academic Careers

The establishment of an Academic Career within the nursing profession is primarily facilitated through the Award outlined for Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNCs). They work within five key domains, which include research and education:

Nursing Academic Careers
To see the "Clinical Nurse Consultants - Domains and Functions" source document click here.

Broader efforts have been made across the SLHD to enhance academia within nursing including the recent appointment of a Professor of Nursing and the establishment of a SLHD Nursing and Midwifery Research Advisory Committee.

Despite this structure and a generalised receptiveness to participating in research across nursing, there remain a number of significant constraints preventing nurses from taking up opportunities to either develop their own research or participate in research studies. As with the surgeons, nurses also experience challenges because of a lack of time predominantly related to conflicts with service delivery, a lower level of support and recognition from their peers in pursuing academia, lack of funding to support permanent or full-time research appointments and limited knowledge and skills of the research process.

The IAS will provide research training for those who wish to pursue research in their nursing career.

The inaugural Surgical Nursing Research and Innovations Group (RIG) has been established, not to focus on specific projects, but more on the development of the skills and professional links needed to conduct excellent clinical research.