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Institute of Academic Surgery - Colorectal Department - Cherry Koh

Patients receive the best surgical care in academic centres of surgical excellence

The IAS is committed to ensuring that all surgical patients treated at RPA are offered the best standard of surgical care, which is supported by evidence based practice that has been determined through the most up-to-date research.

In pursuing this standard of clinical excellence, the Institute supports all surgical departments at RPA to have the highest number of appropriate surgical patients enrolled in clinical trials, which offers patients the best known level of care compared with the next best level of care.

This is linked to b evidence within cancer care that shows patients who participate in research studies receive higher quality of care and better outcomes as clinical pathways are clearly defined, care is carefully monitored and data is collected on changes in the patient condition.

To establish a culture where research is embedded within clinical care as a matter of routine, the IAS is working on a number of strategies to enhance staff and patient perceptions about the benefits of being involved in research.

What is the Clinical Trials Index?
Traditionally the academic output of a department has been measured by indicators such as the number of peer-reviewed publications generated, the number of the ethics applications made and the number of presentations given at academic conferences for example.

In addition to these, the IAS is promoting the uptake of the Clinical Trials Index (CTI) which is a measure that provides a broad indication of a department’s involvement in clinical trials and the extent of patient participation in this type of research.

 Definition: The number of patients enrolled in clinical trials divided by the total number of appropriate patients per surgical department.

Initially the IAS will work with surgical departments to identify opportunities for establishing clinical trials for suitable patient groups within their specialty and to enhance the number and coordination of patients involved in this type of research.

Through supporting surgical departments to develop this research capacity, it is anticipated that all 17 surgical departments will be able to regularly report on the CTI of their patients.