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Clinical Research

Clinical research involves all aspects of research directly involved in the application of treatment to a patient, analysis of the effectiveness of treatment and the identification of decision making processes involved in that treatment.
The following research themes are common amongst all disciplines involved in clinical research:

  1. Decision making - Equipoise, Patient and Clinician preference

  2. Audit - Outcomes based clinical research

  3. Hypothesis testing - Retrospective or Prospective

  4. Clinical Trials

Clinical research is the most common form of research undertaken across all specialties however the quality of the research is not well understood and the ability to determine generalisability of the research is often unclear. The aim of the IAS is to provide those pursuing a career in surgery an introduction to research methodology, an understanding of the components of clinical research and education about the development and implementation of all aspects of clinical research.

The IAS will undertake to develop a half day course into clinical research methodology for trainees seeking to develop skills in clinical research. This course would run twice per year and be accessible to all trainees covering topics such as:

  1. Introduction to biostatistics

  2. Hypothesis generation - Clinical equipoise/Patient and Clinician Preference

  3. Non randomised clinical research

  4. Randomised clinical research

The IAS will also provide research training for those who wish to pursue a career in academic surgery. The focus is not on specific projects but more on the development of the skills needed to conduct excellent clinical research, and to provide links to the resources required for efficient conduct of clinical research.

The IAS is working with each surgical department at RPA to identify and establish a key person who leads the clinical research for their department. Links to the various clinicians are available through the IAS.

In addition, please feel free to contact Charbel Sandroussi, Director of Clinical Research at the IAS, to further discuss clinical research.