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Institute of Academic Surgery

Surgical Education Research

Surgical education research seeks to understand the factors that affect surgical training.

Surgical educators need to effectively train surgical trainees to perform increasingly complex procedures in a manner that optimizes both patient safety and resource utilisation, while also ensuring they are highly competent in essential surgical skills.

Examples of surgical education research include comparing the effectiveness of computer-aided simulation versus animal training for teaching advanced laparoscopic procedures, evaluating the effects of teaching techniques on trainee retention of lecture material, and determining whether medical students with the best technical skills choose careers in surgical specialties.

Within RPA, considerable expertise and much research activity has been undertaken within the Laboratory and Clinical Research areas in particular. Opportunities exist for the IAS to further expand this expertise into Surgical Education Research.

It is envisaged the IAS will undertake surgical education research into areas such as:

  1. Skills and simulation training methods

  2. The development and introduction of new techniques and models

  3. The effectiveness of multidisciplinary training

  4. The measurement and cost of training within an Activity Based Funding (ABF) environment.

In addition, please feel free to contact Chris Young, Director of Surgical Education at the IAS, to further discuss clinical research.